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Zimbabwe’s Opposition to Swear-In Nelson Chamisa as President

In protest of the results of July 30 presidential elections, Zimbabweans opposition party Movement for Democratic Change is set to swear in their leader Nelson Chamisa in a mock inauguration.

Nelson Chamisa narrowly lost the first general election since the removal of Robert Mugabe in November 2017 to ZANU-PF’s Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The legal team of Chamisa filed a suit to overturn the election results but this was rejected by the constitutional court.


“He will be recognized as the legitimate president of Zimbabwe by his party and the people of Zimbabwe following resolutions of the national council,” MDC spokesman Nkululeko Sibanda told AFP.

Sibanda said that Nelson Chamisa was denied victory by ‘cheating and chicanery’. He said the inauguration will be held on Saturday when the party celebrates its 19th year anniversary.

“Resolutions will be passed to recognize his victory and state it publicly,” he said.

The Presidential had Emmerson Mnangagwa win 50.8 percent of the votes to cross the threshold of victory (50 percent) against Nelson Chamisa who had 44.3 percent.

The election was marred by shooting when soldiers were deployed to quell the opposition.

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