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Yellow Fever Outbreak: What You Need to Know!

Disclaimer: This Post on Yellow Fever is not a Panic Post. Simply Act and Get Vaccinated Accordingly. 

There are confirmed reports from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, National Primary Health Care Development Agency, Voice of Nigeria and other medical practioners of a yellow fever outbreak in some parts of Nigeria.

The yellow fever cases have been confirmed in 14 states of Kwara, Kogi, Kano, Zamfara, Kebbi, Nasarawa, Niger, Katsina, Edo, Ekiti, Rivers, Anambra, FCT, and Benue States) and in 27 Local Government areas.

From a health influencer and medical doctor on Twitter, Dr. Chioma Nwakanma (@Deekachy_md) these are the things you need to know about the yellow fever, the outbreak and other important information to note.

YELLOW FEVER OUTBREAK! Am I surprised? No! 1) It is transmitted by Mosquitoes (Our Roommates)! 2) In Nigeria, we bribe our way through, get yellow cards without actually being vaccinated and we feel Cool about it! #VaccinesWork and are Free in Primary Health Centres. #DrZobo

A single dose of the vaccine is effective. In 80% of people it gives immunity within 10days. And in about 90% gives immunity in 30 days from dose. It is a Viral Haemorrhagic fever. Meaning there is fever and Bleeding from orifices just like Lassa and Ebola, in late cases.

Early detection and Good supportive treatment in hospitals improve outcome as there is no specific anti viral drug for #YellowFever. Symptoms include: Fever head ache jaundice (Yellowness of the eyes) muscle pain nausea vomiting and fatigue. Be aware. Don’t self medicate #DrZobo

A small proportion of patients who contract #YellowFever develop severe symptoms and approximately half of them die within 7-10 days. It is difficult to diagnose Cos it mimics symptoms of many other diseases. So Prevention is still the best Cure! Get Vaccinated today! #DrZobo

Of all suspected, probable and confirmed cases, 55 deaths have been recorded while 13 deaths have been recorded among confirmed cases only. I know it is not your portion, but Anyone can be part of the statistic if you refuse to do right. Have a Yellow Free day #SipsZobo

In the news.

9 Cases of Yellow fever has been reported in Edo State, Nigeria. This was revealed by the Executive Director, National Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr. Faisal Shuaib in a news conference in Abuja.

He said “the recent report from Edo state about a fever of unknown origin is being investigated. Tests done at laboratories in Nigeria have shown that 9 of the samples tested positive for Yellow Fever and as such, samples have been forwarded to Dakar, Senegal for continuation.”

According to him, “in order to quickly respond to the outbreak, the National Primary Health Care Development Agency, Epidemiology team, the World Health Organization and other international development partners are working together to rapidly conduct a comprehensive investigation and respond appropriately to the situation on ground”.

He also said that “Currently, there is an ongoing preventive mass vaccination campaign with a target age group of 9 months to 44 years in Sokoto, Federal Capital Territory, Plateau and some LGAs not covered in the last vaccination campaign in Niger and Kebbi states”.

The immunization started on the 22nd November 2018 and will last till December 1.

Public Service Announcement: Abuja residents please go take your Yellow fever vaccine. Even if you’ve been vaccinated before. There’s an outbreak presently. It’s a viral haemorrhagic fever just like Ebola and Lassa fever, but thankfully we have a vaccine for it.


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