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#Satire: Yahoo Boys’ Contact Identity | Don’t Come and Kill Yourself

Life is good; it is not complicated as human beings that live it. So, don’t come and kill yourself. Live, Love and Laugh. Yahoo boys identity… 

We found a funny tweet on how contacts are saved in a Yahoo Boys’ list. Not an endorsement but for you to laugh, be at ease and refresh for the coming week. 


“Being the runner-up in this competition for regional airlines in Africa is great, but we won’t rest until we are awarded the top spot. After all, service is the only differentiator in this industry”, he added.


Paul Nakawa also thanked their customers who make Air Namibia as their choice airline.

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the travelers who participated in the survey and encourage more travelers to fly with Air Namibia. We pledge to continue improving our service standards to ensure that clients get quality and value for their money”, he noted.

Ethiopia Air has maintained the top position in the last three years.

Air Namibia Named Second Best Airline In Africa

The Nigerian government has just unveiled the name (Nigeria Air) and logo for a new national carrier for Nigeria. While there have been opposing views about the timing of this and the chances of successes, the design and branding have raised some question as well.

The branding was actually done by a Bahrain start-up From 6 Communications. The company equally does communications and advertising services mainly in the Middle East region.

From6: The Company that Branded Nigeria Air

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