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butt enlargement

When a Butt Enlargement Starts Decaying

The craving for a larger butt has not diminished with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner inspiring many to get a butt enlargement.

For those who cannot pay for the very expensive ones, there is a black market option for it (butt enlargement) and this comes with consequences, like decaying butt. 

Yes, decaying or rotting butt. See image below; 

Viewer discretion advised. 

butt enlargement

Seun Onigbinde is the Founder and CEO of BudgIT, which a data company that focuses on good governance and open government. He shared some advice with young people while making reference to his personal life and history. 

Seun Onigbinde’s Advice for Young Nigerians

I think millennials are the most woke generation because they understand that differences are just in the fabric of who we are. -Janet Mock

For millennials, being a geek is a positive thing, and we see people proudly self-identifying themselves as geeks. -Alan Schaaf

Recognize that millennials’ personal long-term goals may have nothing to do with their organizations’ long-term goals. Discover and facilitate their long-term goals, and they will be more inclined to help their organizations achieve success. -Bill Capodagli

In the world of millennials we are running very strong. -Jill Stein[Millennials ] are sharing cars. They’re sharing apartments. I’m not sure my generation quite knows how to take advantage of it. -Ken Moelis

The reason why Millennials are inspiring is what they give: the music they give.

-Luis Coronel

Motivational Quotes on Youth Leadership

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