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#WeyOurOneBillion: Nigerians Demand As Nigeria Air Is Suspended

The New Nigeria Air which was just suspended cost about 1billion naira for the design of the logo, branding and unveiling in London.

With this suspension indefinitely, Nigerians are asking #WeyOurOneBillion?




I decided to write this piece because of two major reasons; first that more Christians are beginning the need to join politics and second because those who are joining seem not to understand what politics should be and how it should be approached God’s way. It is no doubt that politics is a marketplace that Christians must participate in but I see people quoting Scriptures (only) and God wants more than that and we have that ability to do more.

  1. Religion (even in the United States) was made to be separated from the state not because of a lack of reverence for God but because of what fanatics can make of it to endanger the state.
  2. The Bible had both religions, business and political leaders. They were excellent in their various calling serving the Lord.
  3. Father Abraham a businessman, Daniel a President, Joseph a Prime Minister/Governor, Joshua, Nehemiah, Samson were leaders sent to Israel in politician and business capacities.
  4. The proof of the faith we have in God and walking with Him was evident in their works.
  5. Joseph proposed an economic formula that many don’t know the details. He didn’t just suggest that food is stored; there was the formula of numbers to make it work and save Egypt from famine.

Christians in Politics: A Word for You

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