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Water: Why You Must Keep Drinking

I remember the very first class I attended on personal health management and the speaker had many interesting things to say about different kinds of foods and their consequences particularly mess (meat or what Igbo people call Nkwobi). It was very enlightening and one major discovery was on water and why we must keep drinking.

Have you heard of the ailment known as rheumatism which causes pains in the joints? Even though it is known to be common among elderly ones, young people as well do have such pains. According to the doctor, the cause of this ailment is due to a drop in the fluid that should lubricate the bone joints. He added that regular and good intake of water can start lubricating the joints in place of the fluid.

I made sure to improve my water intake and one major benefit was the refreshing feeling I get each day. In this post, I will be sharing other benefits that more water intake can have you on your personal health and body.

Things to Know About Water

  • It makes up 60 percent of our body fluid.
  • Necessary for hydrating our bodies and preventing dehydration.
  • We lose 64 ounces of water a day from perspiration. From our feet alone, we lose 16 ounces.

How Much Water Should One Take a Day?

The recommendation for each one can be determined by a number of factors; age, weight, sex, activity level, and climate. On a general note, women should take 90 ounces (11 cups) a day while men should take 110 ounces (16 cups) in day.

Now to Why You Must Keep Drinking Water or the Benefits

  1. Increases in Brain Power: research shows that the brain is made up of 73 percent of water and any little form of dehydration or drop in water in the brain will be felt. Enough water/hydration enables you to think, concentrate and stay alert too. Dehydration from the brain can affect you in the following ways; your mood, reduces your cognitive and motor skills, makes you more sensitive to pain and affects your memory.
  2. Helps Your Weight Management: water helps your body to remove any fat by-products. It equally helps to act as a natural suppressant for your appetite and accelerates body metabolism. A glass of water before any meal helps you to lose weight too.
  3. Removal of Body Toxins: with the sweating and perspiration, urinating from our body, water helps us to remove toxic substances from the body. Our system is washed clean and replaced with more water on a daily basis. With this, we save ourselves from ailments like kidney stones and urinary tract infections.
  4. Better and Lighter Skin: A drop in the over 60 percent water will affect your skin which is an organ in the body. A UW Health point states that “If your skin is not getting the sufficient amount of water, the lack of hydration will present itself by turning your skin dry, tight and flaky. Dry skin has less resilience and is more prone to wrinkling.” Water can, therefore, serve as a moisturizer for your skin making it soft and good-looking.
  5. Boost of your Immune System: there are seasons when it looks as if everyone is catching a flu or a cold. Largely, these are caused by infections but with constant water intake, you can boost your body immune system. Water boosts your immune system by carrying oxygen to your body cells, and by flushing out harmful substances from the body too. With water, you reduce the risk of having bladder cancer by constantly flushing our toxins from the body.
  6. Prevents Headaches: dehydration from the brain can lead to headaches. With more intake of water, dehydration caused headaches will be prevented.
  7. Prevents bad Breath: this is not a good body characteristic. It is caused by food particles and germs that get stuck in the mouth. Constant water intake will flush them out.
  8. Improves Your Heart Health: research shows that there is a link between coronary heart disease and your water consumption level. It helps you to maintain the viscosity of blood and plasma and fibrinogen distribution.


Lower your expectations. If you expect others to be angels they will disappoint you. You should also have reasonable expectations for yourself.

Beware of apples and oranges. False comparisons rest at the heart of most fallacious arguments. A great many of the examples assembled to support a point are not the same.

Don’t keep score as to who gets what. If you do, you’ll frequently conclude that you were shortchanged.

Beware of what your job is doing to you. More people worry about what they eat in the morning than where they go in the morning. Consider whether your job is building you or destroying you.


  • While many hope it is phased out; you need to adapt and make the most of it while it lasts. Change the mindset of demonizing it and use it to better yourself, cash in opportunities and learn, unlearn, learn, relearn everything. Let it be a year of crash courses.
  • Build networks, meet people for the right reasons of being better, improving yourself and building connections for concerted change.
  • The time for youthful exuberance is gone; you are now an adult and needs to start thinking like one. Priorities should change (fun should not stop) but it should change position on your list.
  • Don’t fret, don’t sink in the bad news about Nigeria. See the problems as opportunities for you to add value. Solutions are needed because there is a problem to be solved. Forget what they say of recession, see it as an opportunity to work on an idea to bring the entire nation out of recession. We have many success stories too.
  • You should decide where you desire to base and start a new life and phase. There are many reasons to choose a place but let it where you will add maximum value and get rewarded for it in monetary terms.
  • Connect, network, attend events, go to free training, come to communal facilities, leave your comfort zone and explore the new territory. 
Post-NYSC and Youth Expectations

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