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Update on Boko Haram Attack on Sunday

We reported earlier that the Nigerian Army was attacked by Boko Haram faction, Islamic State West Africa on Sunday.

Over 100 soldiers are reported dead.

More update based on reports by a private military contractor and investigator.

See more below.

Edward on Twitter

Apologies, quite busy. Briefly; A large number of X-rays with superior firepower launched simultaneous attacks on Nigerian Army encampments in Maitele & Mainok Sunday night. The units BTR2 & T72s were not operational. Force protection was poor, no patrols to dominate the area & https://t.co/EcAXgpTPfy

Edward on Twitter

dirt-parts, units low on supplies, tactical comms with reinforcements teams was poor which led to multiple ambush by #ISWAP of these teams, no Air support/ Arty support.

Edward on Twitter

Over a hundred soldiers unaccounted for out of 370+. This is the 2nd worse casualty nos after the July 14 #ISWAP attack at Nigerian Army FoB in at Kiki where I mentioned over 200 Soldiers died in one fell swoop. 5 APC’s/Tanks with several Guntrucks & equipments were looted.

Edward on Twitter

The current Nigerian Airforce Op Green Sweep came a little late. We expected the commencement of Air interdictions in the #ISWAP stronghold of Lake Tchad islands / Bosso prefecture early July with clearer skies.

Edward on Twitter

(CORRECTION) Over 100 soldiers unaccounted for out of 370+. This is 2nd worse casualty 2018 after the July 14 #ISWAP attack at Nigerian Army FoB at Jili where I mentioned that over 200 Soldiers died in one fell swoop. 5 APC’s/Tanks with several Guntrucks & equipment lost Monday

Edward on Twitter

The Gun nests at the encampments had few Heavy guns and most of this guns jam to often. In previous attacks, we noticed there was no usage of claymore or anti personnel mines beyond the wire and open grounds vulnerable for penetration

More details as reports come in. (Boko Haram)

We offer our prayers for our brave soldiers and heroes on the field.



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