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Update on Boko Haram Attack on Sunday

We reported earlier that the Nigerian Army was attacked by Boko Haram faction, Islamic State West Africa on Sunday.

Over 100 soldiers are reported dead.

More update based on reports by a private military contractor and investigator.

See more below.

More details as reports come in. (Boko Haram)

We offer our prayers for our brave soldiers and heroes on the field.



In my economics class as a secondary (high) school student, I was taught that Nigeria has a mixed market system that is a combination of socialism and capitalism but more of free enterprise. Many years after I learnt about economic systems all I still see prevailing in the land is a high level of capitalism that has pitched the rich against the poor. That might be some bad news though but the good news is this.

This has created a kind of entrepreneurial spirit in many people who now think everything is possible in business by applying the many principles others have used. This is applicable to all spheres of business, scale, size and approach to them. A fish seller and garri seller are all capitalists in their own right. They are creating wealth for themselves, working for themselves, in charge of their time, not having to answer to an overbearing boss, can go on vacation like our President just did and many pecks and definitely challenges of running a business.



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