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#UNGA: Live Feeds from the United Nations

The 73rd United Nations General Assembly (#UNGA) holds this week. You can get the live feed below;

















It is final year and the excitement of graduating is overwhelming and even with the thought of having loads of lecture notes to read and a project to complete. It is like a dream come true as my family will be producing a first master’s degree holder. Dad is proud, mum is excited and my siblings are still in shock that their big bro is about to bag a master’s degree in Sustainable Development.

“Do you know my son will be a Master’s degree holder by next month,” Dad always told his club members. Despite the whole excitement, I was feeling a bit sad. A relationship that is just 4 months is over and I still can’t explain what happened. Efforts to make us come back together were to no avail even as Sheila insisted we broke up. I missed her on the graduation day as my plan was to introduce her to dad and mum. It was indeed filled with fun, excitement and the feeling of being celebrated by everyone.



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