The expectation that a people repose on her government are enormous and one of such expectations is economic prosperity which definitely is incomplete without job creation and employment. I really wished that I was not going to make reference to the present recession that Nigeria is experiencing but unfortunately this recession is characterized by job losses and salary cuts. It is even more painful for those who are new to the labour industry and have served their nation credible only to come out in search of jobs that only want people with over 10 years experience or none at all or with nepotism  and other issues surrounding it.

Let me make reference to the decision of the States of Imo and Plateau to employ the ex-militants and kidnappers who decided to drop their arms at the behest of their state governors. So these governors who obviously have so many people in their states that are either unemployed or underemployed decided to give instant employment to these ex-militants. We don’t know if the jobs were actually given but that’s not my concern. The argument I want to create with this piece is why a governor or government will all of a sudden offer employment to people because they decided to drop arms (this is not about the ex-militants).

[ctt title=”Innovation and creativity are not a result of an existing challenge but should be a way of guarding against an impending one.” tweet=”Innovation and creativity are not a result of an existing challenge but should be a way of guarding against an impending one.” coverup=”eMxl8″]

For a government to start thinking by impulse that was generated by people who were actually frustrated by lack of jobs is really disappointing and unfortunate because a government if nothing should be proactive. A government should not wait until a situation degenerates into chaos before it understands that there is a challenge or start acting in the right direction. Unemployment as most people say is a ticking time bomb that can degenerate to the point where the affected go into various social vices in the society and the duty of every responsible government is to ensure it doesn’t get to that.

A leader that assumes leadership position that feels that because there is no serious challenge and decides to be relaxed with the status quo is not worthy to be called one. A part of being a leader is to seek out challenges and ways to solve them. He should have a combination of insight, foresight and far sight and be able to see beyond what others are seeing. Innovation and creativity are not a result of an existing challenge but should be a way of guarding against an impending one.

This approach to job creation is not limited to state governments alone but this was also adopted by the federal government when it decided to initiate amnesty programmes for Niger Delta militants. Anyone who takes up arms as a militant is not only aggrieved by the situation in the delta or creeks but also because he has not found any work to do that will keep him busy and productive. So when the opportunity comes to cause terror knowing it can bring in money in form of ransoms from kidnapping, he will surely go for it.

Other crimes that involve militancy and an eventual amnesty have now become the latest approach to make the government listen and act. So instead of a government to act like leaders and be proactive enough, some young folks have decided that the only way to get the attention of government is to hold her to ransom hoping that amnesty will granted and instant jobs created.

May God deliver us from such leaders who indirectly are the causes of crimes.

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