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@UduakIsong: Nigerian Christians Re-Evaluate Yourselves

We have an interesting thread for you today but first things first; full credit goes to the author Uduak Isong who did the piece on Twitter. Hope you enjoy learning something from it.

Let me make a thread. It may be full of potholes so bear with me. Nigerian Christians, we need to re-evaluate ourselves, something is terribly wrong and we can’t keep pretending all is well.

You guys remember MMM? Of course. I had signed up, I was introduced early into the game, interestingly by a pastor’s wife. I knew it’d crash but I thought I’d cash in and cash out. Make a quick million. Abi? After all Nigeria is hard.

The next day I was telling a friend of mine about it, he looked at me like I’d gone crazy. I told him I knew it’d crash but since I was one of the early birds, I should be fine. He reminded me the money I’d be getting would be the money some people would be losing.

Insinuated that I was fraudulent to even consider it, reminded me I was Christian. It’s not like I didn’t know it was wrong, I wanted not to care but he checked me. He doesn’t go to church by the way. I cancelled my MMM subscription.

Fast forward some weeks or months Later, MMM caught on, pushed forward largely by a church. They held crusades for MMM, a Ponzi scheme, promoted by a CHURCH. It was cringe worthy but we didn’t cringe bc everything is now accepted in the Nig church. Most of what we preach is money

Today we’re talking about yahoo. The number of tweets I’ve seen justifying it eh, it’s amazing. But it shouldn’t be, U accept a Ponzi scheme, U graduate to Internet fraud. As long as we keep preaching money in church, things will keep getting worse. We’ve confused the congregation

Yday someone was angry people were judging the VP based on his faith. Mais bien sur. That’s how he’ll be judged. For if we say we’re Christians, we must be Christlike. Do we not say that we’re the light of the world? Do we not say we will not be equally yoked with unbelievers?

The church has become a den of thieves, a hiding place for criminals. Church leaders are turning a blind eye as long as tithes and offerings pour in. I won’t be surprised if the church introduces Yahoo seminars. Boys be bringing their laptops to church to learn fraud.

Once upon a time, saying you were a Christian meant you were honest, of integrity, trustworthy, kindhearted, efficient etc. Now, what does it mean? Ask yourself and your pastor.

But this is where I’m really going. Politics. Our thieving leaders did not fall from heaven. Many of them sit in front rows in churches. We invite them to speak in our churches, we pat them on the back declaring allegiance irrespective of their bad behaviour.

We’re setting a terrible example and Nigeria can never be fixed that way. Wrong is wrong whether the wrongdoer is your church member or not. When we pat wrongdoers on the back, the ripple effects are endless.

This has been a low performing admin and I’m being polite. To come out to celebrate them is the height of insensitivity. Let me remind you that many Nigs collectively criticised GEJ’s admin. Myself included. I criticised his poor handling of BH, heck I occupied, albeit foolishly

Amongst other things. I can mention several other Govt critics who constantly called the Govt to order until of course, power changed hands. It is the duty of the citizen to remind the Govt of her duties, particularly when they’re failing to perform.

It was only during the elections that many of us said, hey this man is the lesser evil. Elections are near, very likely Nigerians would have to choose btw the devil and the blue sea. This is the time to gather evidence to inform your choice. Not to follow twitter lords foolishly

In conclusion, Nigeria’s terrible state is on all of us. We choose our leaders, encourage their thievery and score them high when they’ve failed. We can do better, at least for our children.

Yesterday I read a scripture where Jesus asked his disciples; who do men say that I am? So I’m asking You, who do men say that you are? A supporter of evil? Or a man diligent in all his ways? Have a nice day.

Credit: @UduakIsong


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