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Thread: 3 Types of Rich People by @FelaKinging

Welcome to 2019 and this year promises to be a great one for us with our readers in mind always. Like we started early last year, Twitter is a great place for useful information and for this year we are starting off with 3 Types of Rich People.

3 Types of Rich People was curated and shared by Deji who tweets as @FelaKinging. You can see more below and share the thread with other people. We all need to make good progress this new year.

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The Classic Rich are the ones who have legacy at Harvard or Oxford or whatever. Their families have had money for generations and built it up over generations. They tend to look like this:

The nouveau riche are people who made a lot of money in their own lifetimes. They tend to be the CEOs of very profitable industries.

And then, there’s the incidentally rich. These are anyone who made their money from skills that have nothing to do with money (aka. non-financial skills). Famous athletes, actors, musical artists.

Most of the time when people talk about “rich people” they’re thinking the third group. Which is funny because the third group is the poorest group, and often looked down on by the other two. Some wealthy people refer to them condescendingly as “poor people with money.”

You see, the old money guy inherited his wealth. He grew up with it. As a result, to the old-money, wealth is not exciting. It’s not. Having money is something that’s been true for them since… ever. So they only spend money if they find something they really genuinely want.

So when the incidentally rich spend a fortune on something that doesn’t last, it isn’t just wasteful, it’s gauche. It’s like walking around with your dick hanging out the front of your pants so that you can show off how big it is.

But surely only someone who is insecure about it would bother bragging about such an insignificant fact in the first place!

If you wonder why an old-money person might appear (to the untrained eye) “middle class,” it’s because they spend only on select things they genuinely want/need, and their goal is to leave their wealth as a legacy for their children, just as they received it from their parents

To the nouveau riche, it’s not a crime against propriety to show off your wealth. But it is stupid, and that’s the far bigger crime.

You see, the nouveau riche earned their money through being good with money. They have spent their entire life optimizing everything. Maximizing income, minimizing expenditure. They are businessmen, they smell out unprofitable investments like a shark scents blood.

Spending money foolishly isn’t just a waste, it’s a sign of weakness, a vulnerability their competitors would love to exploit.

So when a nouveau rich person buys a house, he’s already thinking about how much it will be worth when he sells it. When he buys a car, he’s thinking about how it will impact his business, his commute, his insurance.

If you wonder why a nouveau riche person might appear (to the untrained eye) “middle class,” it’s because they know the real value of money and want to focus it on investments which will make them wealthier.

It’s only the poor, who have no idea what money is or how they got it, who spend it the way you seem to think the wealthy do. In fact, they behave exactly how you’d expect someone to behave when they don’t know anything about having money.

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