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Demola Olarewaju: 1-Tweet Interview

Welcome to the second edition of 1-Tweet Interview (with Demola Olarewaju) where we ask influencers one question and expecting their response concisely as well. We then go further to explain their response in a more detailed piece as we understand it, all for the benefit of our readers and Nigerians.

Demola Olarewaju is a political analyst, strategist and a member of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), a foundation political party for Nigeria’s democracy. He equally is a creative writer.

We asked Mr Demola Olarewaju this question;

“How do you think Nigeria can evolve a party system and partisanship based on well-defined issues, philosophies and values?”

His response below;

Nigeria needs to stay the course of democracy. Everything evolves, with time. That we recognize the need for issues, philosophies and values in partisanship means that the political parties will respond to that stimulus from the voters, given time.

Now, the challenges facing Nigeria’s democracy are many but one major and foundational factor is that the political parties have remained platforms for contesting elections. Unlike what applies in countries with improved democracies like in the United States where either liberals and conservatives are known for certain distinct issues. This kind of situation is what create conversations that are important, issue-based, intelligent and smart. We debate based on reason, facts beyond other trivial issues that have taken up the space of more significant discourse.

But how long can Nigeria wait to attain the level where our political parties will be idea-driven?

According to Mr Demola Rewaju, he believes that Nigeria must continue to work and develop our democratic processes and institutions. We must not give up, we must keep demanding better from the political parties and if the parties are hearing (which they do), one we will get to that level of maturity.

Citizens, voters and every Nigerian must put faith in democracy beyond what we have right now; we must be part of the process, hold it to account, ask those pushing and driving it pertinent questions and expect answers as well. Most democracies across the world never got it right in their first 50 years, it is never perfect and it has a way of adjusting to prevalent conditions and circumstances.

The most important thing is that leaders in the political circle hear the clamour for philosophical ideas and values to drive the parties, they understand that the parties must be more than vehicles to political offices but equally ways of enlightening citizens, propounding ideas and developing mindsets to suit our unique political socio-economic environments.

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