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Today’s Trend on #OsunDecides2018

While the people of Osun State and the rest of Nigeria wait for the supplementary elections scheduled for tomorrow Thursday 26th September 2018, this is the trend for #OsunDecides2018.

Views and counter views regarding the conduct, support and partisanship of the #OsunDecides2018 between the APC and PDP.

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The word “Unity” before independence has been a sacred word in the terms of Nigeria’s socio-political history. It is the root of our nationhood as shown in our national motto it appears to be the purpose of our creation and independence. Unity might show greater good, many think that our diversity is a blessing properly by resounding it like any other word whether in the economic or political scene. In recent times, it has been rephrased to, “Nigeria’s Unity being non-negotiable”.

Unity: Nigeria’s Greatest Challenge


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