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Get the Best of Travel Insurance

The nature of globalization, despite technological advancement, has hardly reduced the social nature of man; to meet others, travel, visit places (on tours) and explore the world beyond their immediate environment. Do you have travel plans to Canada, or do you intend to sponsor a family member? If yes, then you need a travel insurance. 

Travel insurance is key to ensure you have a memorable stay in any country you travel to, also giving you the peace of mind with regards to unforeseen medical issues, baggage loss or trip cancellations. With a great and affordable travel insurance, your safety is assured, while you explore countries (like the US, Canada, Australia et al), you worry less about any form of medical emergencies.  

Meet Mr Olusegun Alabi, a Licensed Insurance broker in Ontario Canada, he is contracted to several Insurance companies including of the most popular insurance company called Manulife, to assist you with your travel insurance for individuals travelling to Canada on a visiting visa, study visa, temporary work visa or super visa.

  • CoverMe® travel insurance for students
  • CoverMe® travel insurance for visitors to Canada
  • CoverMe® travel insurance for travelling Canadians
  • Travel Insurance for Supervisa

For more information, call Olusegun Alabi (M.Sc.), a licensed agent on +1(613)-869-1884. Email; oalabi@betalife.ca  or segunoalabi@gmail.com

NB: Also, willing to discuss a possible partnership with Travels & Tours Agencies

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Nigeria’s Acting President visited the site of the building collapse that took place in the Utako area of Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.

The building which caved on Friday is said to have had people working on it who were either wounded or deceased.

The Abuja Municipal Management Council aka Development Control Director-General Yahaya Yusuf responded to the state of the building before it collapsed.

According to him, a Director-General notice has already been issued to them with soil test already scheduled.

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The United States Embassy has announced the closure of consular service in Abuja for both visa and American Citizen services.

This, however does not affect the Consular services in Lagos. 

This announcement was made on the embassy’s website. 

“Scheduled visa and ACS applicants for Abuja will be contacted for rescheduling.

American citizens in northern Nigeria with emergency services needs should continue to contact the after-hours emergency number for Abuja at 09461-4000 and press “0” to go to the operator to request assistance.

US Embassy Abuja Closed Temporarily

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