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Presidential Aide Tolu Ogunlesi Shares More Facts as #NigeriaDecides this Weekend

Ace Journalist turned Presidential aide Tolu Ogunlesi will be remembered as the hero of this government in sharing the facts and numbers of this government. He has been unrelenting in tackling fake news with facts and figures about governance and politics.

As Nigeria Decides on Saturday, Tolu Ogunlesi has not relaxed and one wonders if President Muhammadu Buhari will win 36 states to 36 states with his none complacency. It is clear that President Buhari will win the Presidential with over 2/3 requirement for victory.


Tolu Ogunlesi has also shared his pain of people misrepresenting him and what he puts out on the behalf of this government but today, he will end as the hero against all odds. The odds of fake news couldn’t break Tolu Ogunlesi and he is not ready to give in.

The Journalist in him is still alive, alert and unwavering. Nigeria will definitely be in his debt. See more facts from Tolu Ogunlesi.

Nigerians generally are known for early gratification; in life, business, politics, religion and otherwise. Other nations like Singapore went through hard times of living in fear as the British army was leaving South East Asia, America fought a civil war and many countries had to go through a phase of bloodletting, killings and paying the price of freedom ultimately. The loss of jobs; the economy, the siege of violence, the Boko Haram incursion is not to be blamed on anyone but on us as Nigerians. We all are affected and the rules of life recognize that this is a Nigerian problem.

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