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#MyTransitionHours Launch: Happy Birthday President @GEJonathan

Nigeria’s Former President Goodluck Jonathan turned 61 years today and he is launching a new book; #MyTransitionHours. He has not only been described as the Hero of Democracy in Africa, the event and pictures, but words have also shown this as well.

Below you will find speeches and images at the launch of the #MyTransitionHours.


































Politics in general terms means to be inclined to particular side of an argument, choosing sides, being in support of a particular opinion and proudly so with reasons for such. In governance, politics largely means that you are for a particular party or political movement. You are for this because your party favours it; your party favours increased taxes, decentralization of power, increased minimum wage and the many issues that pitched parties differently. Politics in modern and advanced democracies should be about issues; the policies, ideas and governance. Any other thing can come in secondary but in developing democracies like in Africa and some parts of Asia and Southern America, one can find things that seem petty while the real issues are relegated.

In Nigeria where we are different in many ways or the dichotomies in our country are enormous; religion, sex, tribes (250 in number), language (over 400), rich and poor, political parties, ethnic nations, government and private, young and old and many others that people are nursing in their hearts. It is practically difficult to choose sides without betraying a camp you already are a part of. Let’s look at some of the issues that sentiments that have come up in the past are likely to keep happening.


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