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#theatikuplan policy document

#TheAtikuPlan: Atiku Has a Question About Unveiling Policy Document

PDP Presidential candidate tweeted about the unveiling of the #TheAtikuPlan and Policy Document by 12 noon today, 19th November 2019.

He has a question for Nigerians. #TheAtikuPlan

Atiku Abubakar on Twitter

TheAtikuPlan will be unveiled today. Are you excited?



During a war that pitches two sides (nations) against the other, the proponents of the war or the leaders of the two countries at war are seen as sworn enemies in the face of the public. For instance, during the Nigeria-Civil War that pitched the Federal side against the secessionists Biafran State, the two young leaders Yakubu Gowon and Chukwuemeka O. Ojukwu were seen as the face of war, the heroes of their different compatriots and also enemies as long as people were being massacred on both sides. I read a piece where the author said that these two men wanted the same thing for Nigeria and I asked myself, what if they were actually in touch on the phone but when it comes to facing the public or the press, you find them venting the breath of war on each other.

Politics and anything concerning it is seen as a public affair, as a politician you are regarded as public servant and democracy makes it even more prone to public opinion and one has to learn to gauge it. To draft a document like the constitution requires wide consultations of the different stakeholders who have to voice their concerns on the issues that will be addressed.



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