Before I proceed to discuss how religion can be used as the greatest force for good in nation building, here are a few points to note about religion;

  • Religion and state matters periodically are in friction with one another.
  • Multi-religiosity equally creates tension in many states.
  • Fanaticism is also a cause of religious tension.
  • All religion when assessed closely promote love and tolerance for another.
  • They largely preach the same universality of God and His unique personality to do good.
  • Religious views and opinions are prone/susceptible to abuse.

Having highlighted all these, you can agree that every other point above are caused by the complexity of mankind (you and I) to be biased, selfish, inconsiderate ad prejudice about religious beliefs and orientiation.
However, the love and tolerance that is peculiar to them unbiased preaching and the person of God to do good is universally correct and most worthy. Man is complicating civilization by fanaticism, flawed opinions that have not standing with the truth.

As a Tool of Social Transformation

If we would understand that doing good is the person of God, His nature, His inclination always and why He desires he desires us to do same, the world will saner in many areas. Religious bodies asides talking about God and His infinite abilities and powers need to spend more time helping humans shape their own abilities to be worthy like the God we all worship. Religions are known for standards, God’s standards but we are have left those standards to be vague and only peculiar to religious interpretations rather than inculcating them in our social dealings and relationships. There is no reason why religious beliefs cannot be implemented in our business, careers, institutions and the larger society.

What then is the use weekly or biweekly or more visiting of religious houses if after such times are lives reflect something negatively different? Can we pray for His blessings in our businesses while we lazy and waste time that should be invested appropriately for growth. Principles don’t work here both spiritual ones because we abuse one to take delivery of the other. No way!

The Bible, Quran and other religious book are feeled with principles, nuggets, ideas, instructions, laws that we need to study, discover, learn, apply for our personal and collective growth and development.

There is no reason why some of our institutional laws and constitution should be drafted after universally acceptable principles as are perfect before God and our different religious.

We would bring you more of these as contained in Scriptures. Thanks for reading.

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