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The Leadership Character of Jesus

Everything rises and falls on leadership might be the most popular and concise quote about leadership credited to John C. Maxwell. Many might not believe this especially when they do the chicken and egg comparison like followers or leaders. Whocomes first, some say that leaders are called or elected or chosen from the followers or citizens and more.

In this post, I will share what I have titled the Leadership Character of Jesusand how He can be seen as the perfect leader we have ever had. In recent times,leadership has been classified as autocratic, theocracy, democracy,aristocracy, kakistocracy, gerontocracy and more.

All these types of leadership have their unique meaning based on the leadership character of the person or persons involved whether the leaders or followers. They both play a role to keep it going just like the commonest of them all; a democracy.

Jesus and his leadership character was holistic. He asked the disciples who peoplesay that I am (democratic), he took a weep in the temple when the abuse of whatthe church should be used as came up (autocratic), he washed their feet(servant leadership), they were transformed at the end of his Ministry here onearth (Transformational leadership), religious leader and the king of all the earth (theocracy) and many more faceted leadership character you can find in Him.

This is not to say that one is better or worse off than other especially when wedecide to adopt it in a system. Rather, these leadership character worktogether in different instances, locations, time and context or based on theemotional leaning of the leader in question.

A leader should be everything that will help the followers get better at what they do;firm, humble, teachable, knowledgeable, learned, wise, observant, comely,disciplined and much more.

Jesus was this kind of leader and above all was blameless, perfect and without blemish. His leadership character can be studied and applied in contemporary times. We hope to continue this piece, later.

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