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Tanzania: Bloggers’ Fee Beyond $930

As part of the country’s new online regulations, Tanzania now expects bloggers and content creators to pay an annual license fee of $930 to run their websites.

Despite this fee, the rights to deny or revoke any licenses remains the prerogative of the authorities for any site that “causes annoyance, threatens harm or evil, encourages or incites crimes” or deemed to threaten national security. (East Africa Monitor).

The new regulation by Tanzania is known as the Electronic and Postal Communications (Online Content) Regulations 2018 gives the government the right to police the web and monitor online posting of content.

This new fee of $930 will force many bloggers to stop operation seeing that the country’s Gross Domestic Income per capita is about $900.

This new law was criticised by many especially with the ambiguous words that were used to target those who speak up against the government of Tanzania.

A part of the law also requires that officials can force online creators to remove inappropriate contents from their website within 12 hours or face $2,210 fine or a prison term of one year.

These new regulations are set to affect many internet-based businesses in Tanzania from online radio stations, podcast publishers, online forums and people using social media as a content publishing platform.

In addition to these, anyone interested in getting a license of operation will provide documentation that will cover financial details of their organization, any directors, and stakeholders involved, projected revenue and future plans for growth.

Credit: East Africa Monitor


The Federal Government of Nigeria has through the Ministry of Education set up a 16-man committee to screen over 40,000 university degrees gotten from foreign universities by Nigerians.

The Education Minister stated this during the 33rd meeting of the National Standard Committee on Evaluation and Accreditation of Foreign Qualifications. According to him, this is being done in an effort to detect fake and substandard degrees gotten from universities across Africa and beyond.

Committee Setup to Screen Foreign Degrees

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