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Shiloh 2018 (Dominion) Live Broadcast; Dec. 4-9

Watch the Live Broadcasts from Canaanland, Ota, Ogun the International Headquarters of Living Faith Church, Worldwide.

This year’s theme is Dominion. God is Dominion conferring on the church in this end time.

Watch below.

Elections, like anywhere in the world are characterized by political leaders and politicians making promises upon promises, giving hope that cannot be verified or seen as being possible and Nigeria and Africa are no different. While we are still years behind other nations that are already manufacturing flying self-driving taxis, cars and vehicles that run on clean energy like electricity, our national, citizen, the social and political atmosphere are saddening, to say the least. The country is speedily approaching another election year and politicians will start giving us hope that are largely false yet we have no real information on the demographic data of people who make up our country.

How does a leader in politics or a President make promises to a nation he/she does not understand know or understand the population of their people?

We made out time to interview the founder Khan Foundation that is empowering young children and giving them an opportunity at a good education in the rural and slum areas of Lagos state. After asking some questions, Mr. Awhinahi Joseph gave us an interesting expose on his initiative at contributing his quota in nation building without waiting for the government. You can read below.

  • Can we meet you, Mr. Tega and know who and what you are?

Hi, My name is Tega, I’m a development project manager. I like to sometimes call myself an architect in diaspora because I’m not so much into architectural practice.

  • Tell us what the name and vision of your work is.

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