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Rwanda Signs Air Service Agreement with Italy

East African country Rwanda has signed a new air service agreement with Italy. The agreement that was signed on Monday 20th August 2018 will have the two countries open up their skies for commercial purposes.

The agreement is described in what is called “bilateral air services agreements in aviation terms.

The agreement was signed on the morning of Monday between Rwanda’s Minister for Infrastructure, Claver Gatete and Italy’s Ambassador to Uganda, Domenico Fornara.

The ambassador equally overseas activities of Italy in Rwanda and Burundi.

While speaking the Minister of Infrastructure Claver Gatete said, ““This agreement was negotiated and agreed upon in Colombo, Sri Lanka last year in December, and now we are putting on a signature so that we can be able to benefit from it.” (The New Times)

Italy’s ambassador, Fornara also pointed out the signed agreement is the legal framework which then form the basis for developing the technical aspect of it.

“The agreement is a legal framework. It creates all the basis on which technical levels can work without further engaging political organizations,” he said.


This technical aspect will cover the mode operation of the air services which will include; regulation of frequency and capacity of air services between the two countries, pricing and other commercial aspects.

The two countries will be able to operate flights to their both countries. Rwanda presently has two air routes to Europe; Kigali-London and Kigali-Brussels.

Credit: The New Times

President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame

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