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Religion in Nigeria, the Treasure Map and the Treasure

The expansion and growth of religion particularly Christianity in Nigeria continues to play a role in the face of the many odds that confront the country. While the place of religion has created a lot of controversies, there is no doubt that it has added value, impacted lives and at the same time created challenges alongside.

For the purpose of this piece, I will say that God in His personality has an unlimited capacity to do good. His greatness, His power and the abundance of infinity personality is largely because He wants the good of man that He created. But rebellion, disobedience and abuse by man has compounded the narration and description of Christianity and God as being evil and bad. When in actual sense man remains the problem while God remains the Almighty Who Is Good and Great.

Every religion is known to have a manual or a Holy book; Christianity has the Holy Bible and Islam has the Holy Quran and many other religions that the 7 billion people of the world practice. Many might be written and documented while some others might still be orally propagated. The Bible like other books of God should be the Treasure Map of the purpose or achieving the full benefits of knowing and following God which can be seen as the Treasure. It is a guide, it is a book of laws, of dos and don’ts, it is a book of principles, of mysteries that God Himself says are past finding out. The truth of God and the depth of His person and what He has empowered us to do are so deep that we need to keep searching and equally doing aggressively.

A simple narration before I go further. There are movies that have been shot to be based on the search for a Treasure. This means that a Treasure Map is required. Imagine if those who are seeking out such treasures get to the shore of the ocean they must venture into and start looking and reciting and analyzing the Treasure Map until they perfectly understand the start of their journey till the end of it. The treasure is deep in the oceans, below the mountains, in weird places that can be accessed using the treasure map but the explorers and man chooses to dwell voraciously on the Treasure Map while the treasures lie in wait. What More?

This is the perfect description of what Christians and other religious challenges we face today in many compounded forms and experience. The Word of God is a Spiritual book, a Book of Power, Ideas, Principles, Mysteries, Laws and many signposts for man to be able to discover the full potential of His being. The Making of Man was the turning point and hallmark of God’s creation Story. After He created everything, man was made in His image and the likeness of other Heavenly beings present to take care of other things that were created. So, even when man was not there when God created the light, the day, oceans, animals, firmament and even placed the law of gravity somewhere; man being created in His Image has the capacity to know and search out those things. If God was some way before creation and after creation, He changed because of all He created which He said was good. His image at the first day was not the same as it was on the 6th but He said let us make man in our 6th day Image and likeness. Man was created on the 6th day or current image of God when He has already created the Heavens and the Earth; so the richness of that creation was embedded in man when God breathe into him. Man became the duplication of God after He must have created everything under the Heavens and was asked to subdue, search out, dig deeper in your being, discover who you are, explore your mind, do not be boxed up because God has deposited many treasures in you. You have the power to continue where He stopped unhindered till Jesus comes.

The Treasure Map of God’s Word is not for reciting and memorizing without doing and doing it aggressively. It is like a law and principle that you must practice to attain mastery and reap the full benefits. It is time we left the shores of reciting and religiously spiritualizing every Word of Scriptures and start doing the lawful and principles part of it. We know how to pray and cast out the demons that have been put under our feet, it is time we start practicing the principles of life, business, politics, wealth creation, entrepreneurship and living the abundant life. God created the Heavens and the Earth; the water bodies, the air, sun, moon and more and said we should have dominion. Explore the benefits of building on water, explore the idea of building a house that can hang in the firmaments, explore the minerals under out feet and what we can achieve with them in continuation of the creation work. Subdue, take charge and be fruitful.

Judg. 6:16 the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon and told him that he has found favour with and at the end of their rich interaction; the angel said to Gideon that He will defeat the Midianites as One Man. Thinking deeply or hearing this one cannot imagine how it is possible for one man to win a battle even when he will be fighting with 300 fighting men. But He was still told that he shall smite them as One Man. Inside Gideon was the capacity to make, craft, design, manufacture what it means to win a full-blown war; the inventions, the technologies and the improvements of either the old and the new ones was embedded in man, in you and in me.

God has given us the Treasure Map; it is your (individuals) responsibility to search it out. It is one thing to be taught something by either a Pastor or a preacher or a mentor, but it is deeper and more convincing if it is Caught by your personal search, study and experience.

Happy New Year!  

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