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[:en]Reginald Bassey: Understanding Nigerian Elections[:]

[:en]A new thread by Reginald Bassey on why younger generations need to understand the cycle of elections in Nigeria.

As we get into the elections season, here are a few things to note: In nation building, we think in cycles of generations and not elections cycles. I have heard people say “I will vote for this person. If he doesn’t perform, I will vote him out in 4 years”. #NigerianElections 1/9

This kind of shortsightedness hinders the sustained progress we require to build a better society and bequeath stronger institutions to the next generation. So strive to nail your vote. Ensure your candidate is not going to perform unclear experiments. #NigerianElections 2/9

Politics might be a game of numbers, but governance is the game for those who count. Be sure the numbers can be counted and you can also count. Elections might be a zero-sum game, but in governance, everyone wins or everyone loses; no middle ground here. #NigerianElections 3/9


So don’t be fooled by those who play with numbers or be convinced to vote because the numbers looked favourable. Vote because you can make the numbers count. #NigerianElections 4/9

Good looking faces, great and highfaluting speeches, accomplishments or a personal connection to a candidate is not a sufficient basis for voting for someone. #NigerianElections 5/9

Study closely how the candidates exhibit the capacity for visionary leadership, how they can personally articulate the issues. Look at their capacity for hard/smart work, else you might be voting people who will end up outsourcing their brains to sycophants. #NigerianElections 6/9

  1. Finally, find an issue that you are personally connected to and engage the candidate based on that. This ensures that your conviction for voting will be based on something other than a sentimental sway to intense political marketing. #NigerianElections 7/9

I have met so many “passionately” unconvicted souls trying to sound relevant. Find your voice, else you would become fuel for the political crank machine. #NigerianElections 8/9

The words of George Eliot is apt to explain the political season – “An election is coming. Universal peace is declared, and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry.” #NigerianElections 9/9


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