Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela

The many aspirations and activities of man are mostly targeted in making the world a better place either for oneself or for others; but what is key is that we are changing to something better even as challenges arise. One of the many ways to change someone is to change their thinking, give them a new experience, expose them to something new and worthwhile, make them have a feel or something better and give them a reason to see the world differently; then you would be one your way to changing the world through these individuals.

It is no news that Nigeria as it were is in the era of change where an opposition party moved to ruling party on that mantra of change. Yes a lot needs to change in Nigeria especially in the area of security and our collective cohesion to rebuild our nation. Of top discussion in the news are the onslaughts of Fulani herdsmen and their tirade of inhumane acts on fellow Nigerians. It further escalated at the recent killings in Nimbo community of Enugu State in South-East Nigeria and many are beginning to see it as war between a section of the country and another. This proves that we are yet to learn our lessons from history.

Any attempt of reprisal will plunge the nation in a whole new level of chaos and anarchy simply because we are quick to announce our affiliations in tribe and ethnicity neglecting the greater good of calling ourselves, Nigerians. As much as these people pose a serious threat to national security and the President is expected to declare a war on them, we need to deal with the root cause of the problem; that way we can have a lasting solution.

A man who feels that taking another’s life means nothing or that such an act is justifiable obviously has had the wrong orientation, exposure and upbringing. No one is born a murderer and terrorist but the society and what we imbibed into others goes a long way in creating such individuals. People who get involved in crime are partially justified because they are unemployed or idle. The case of the Fulani herdsmen is not totally because of joblessness or idleness but it is a situation of orientation and exposure since they have a job or rearing cattle. You and I know how much one of those cattle can go for, so beyond poverty, lack or want their profession has been made to have no value for others and whatever they possess.

The government is working to develop grazing areas across the country which is laudable but it will have greater effect if these men are given a different kind of orientation about life, values, business and being another Nigerian’s keeper. Despite being violent they still can be spoken to and convinced against what they have been known to practice for years which they can equally pass on to the younger ones that follow them around.

It was Aristotle that said that the purpose of education is to teach to earn a living and how to live too. Any endeavor that is embarked on no matter value yet lacking in right values has no standing in the society. If you think you can run a business using double standards then your time is limited in the market.

The challenges we face today were not with us about 10 years ago but now they are with us; so also we need to change what we teach in our schools, churches, mosques, workplaces and other groups we find ourselves. Our world seems to be changing without us changing the way we approach issues or what we learn.

History is history is what it is because of what it had, the ideas that existed and what we learned too; the present is what it is because of what are learning and the ideas we have now and to get ready for the future there are things to learn so we can able to adapt to it. As a matter of urgency we need to be answering the questions of the future now to avoid being overwhelmed by uncertainty and lack of preparedness for it.

If this change is ever going to work and work effectively, efficiently and sustainably, then there is a need to address our educational shortfalls urgently. Let us imbibe a new culture of learning to meet up with the demands of changing times.

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