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Why You Need to Start a Prototype Small-Scale Business

This is one lesson I learnt in a very strange way and I love to share it with you. Astory before I go into the main piece.

My wife needed to make her hair and she was worried about getting a good placethat will give her what she wants. It was a simple plait, no weave on or anycomplex style and at the point when she was nursing our baby that was what sheneeded. Something very comfortable, not expensive but very neat and precise.

In ourestate, we had no such big places that can do such at good prices. So, I askedto enter the car and took her to one small front gate or door salon wherepeople sit and make their hair. Small and very outward for anyone to think that the salon cannot do anything good.

Atthe end of the day, she thanked me for taking thereas against a bigger place where she has been frustrated in the past by alarge clientele and crowd of women working hard to look good.

Now, the small place gave her better hair that surprised her while the big place will not. The lesson in this;

When big companies grow and unable to manage the small processes they began with, then the clients suffer it. The staff strength will not be able to track progress or give feedback and basically they lose hold of the company by offering poor services without even knowing. And because they are big like that Salon, no one questions it and they don’t care to give feedback whether for customer service or delivery.

That is the challenge of big companies and this cuts across any sector.

Anotherexample is a logistics company that has grown so big that they cannot managethe image and treatment that customers get. It is worthy to state that such badimage is created by mid-level or low-level staff that don’t care, share in thevision or only bothered about a paycheck. In the end, the top-level staff have to defend it or find ways to repair bad clientele treatment or a failing company.

For a media company also, the big ones owned and managed by people that might not understand modern business practices like use of tech suffer the same fate. When they only care about putting news, they lose other ways that digital media offers for one to increase revenue and make more money. And to them, they need journalists who might not understand it and they don’t like to hire expats or professionals to do it because of the high cost and charges. I have seen big media outfits have errors that you wonder if anyone checks these publications that come out.

So,if you can maximize this opportunity you can start a small-scale in the prototypeof another big one. Not exactly the same but build your systems to be build andmanageable by you or the other three staff you might get. Don’t be in a hurryto scale when the system and the departments are not strong enough with good managerial personnel.

You willfind that you can outwork, outsmart and achieve more revenue and impact morethan those who spend so much on advertisement and marketing while achievingnothing. And if you must scale-up (your small-scale business), do so in phases or repeat the same system you did with the first. The lesson is don’t do more than you and your staff canhandle to the detriment of your clients and customers.

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