I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. No single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind, or more important for the long-range exploration of space.”

-President Kennedy, Address to Congress on Urgent National Needs, May 25, 1961

There is this thing I have learnt about political leadership and the role of political leaders in actualizing great things for their people. Politics is such that there are hardly any schools for it or where people go to learn about being a politician even though there are schools of public policy, strategic studies and the likes; but a being a political per excellence is something not learnt in the classroom alone. The above quote was made by a President who doesn’t know much about astronomy or is a professional in the field but he painted the vision for that sector.

In the United Arab Emirate, the many magnificent buildings you see in that country was brought to existent because of the vision of their leaders in painting the future they want and desire for their people. It was Napoleon Bonaparte that said, ” A leader is a dealer in hope”. Now hope is dead without action, hope is nothing if you are simply sitting and waiting for a miracle, hope is not if you think God will come and play the part He has given you the power to do. Leaders in dealing with hope see farther than their followers, they are visionaries, creatives of the future, heralders of the world to come and the foresight, insight and far-sight of their people.

A technocrat might know how to do the technical issues to fix a problem but a political should be the one delivering the vision, imprint in the hearts of his team and people. That might seem simple but he must be able to give visions that are within the realms of reality even though man has proved that there is no limit to the realities we can actually create for modern civilization.

The worth of any leader is actually proved whenever he finds himself in challenging times or at times when things seem not to be moving forward and he rises up to give a newer vision for a the next decade or more. Nigeria as it were is facing some grave challenges and there is no better time for great leadership. A leadership that makes people believe and have an undying hope that we shall overcome. A leadership that inspires action to do more despite the hurdles we might be facing. A leadership that is not scared to take some tough decisions that will benefit us all. A leadership that is not waiting for a miracle to happen but is committed in birthing miracles.

Nigeria is in need of a leadership that will inspire, motivate and challenge his team to rise up to the challenge of saving us from these trying times. The question still is; Is President Buhari inspiring such hope, vigour, energy creativity, drive, innovation and solutions especially among his own cabinet members. What does he really tell his team each time they meet, what do they discuss, what matching orders does he issue with a conviction of the urgency that is in the land?

People have started calling for the resignation of some of his ministers and those working with him and this can be because of the counter-policy thinking that some of them have. The Central Bank of Nigeria has on the other hand been making policies, reversing them and still going; their policies are being countered by other private professionals who might be knowledgeable or have some salient reasons for their reservations.

If peradventure President Buhari has not been doing this then there is a problem because these people who are part of the change agenda will keep working at their pace (after all their paychecks still come) not realizing the extent of grudge, pain, suffering and agony on the streets of Nigeria. Nigerians will feel safe to also hear more from the man whom they called Baba during the campaigns; that way we know we still have a father figure who is working and also assuring us that things will be well.

Nigeria Prevails!

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  1. Leadership is born out of vision, every leader should have a dream to fulfil. Is sad is all about vain glory and selfish satisfisation. When a dream is about fulfilment and selfless service one must find the right team to help deliver the mandate. Someday we will understand the clarion call, we know what progressiving thinking is and would understand why we must not fail the next generation. Let our someday begin now as we work towards living and building the nation of our dream.

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