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Power Generation in Nigeria Reaches An All-Time High

The power generation in Nigeria has reached an all-time high of about 5,375 MW. This is the first time Nigeria will be reaching this generation level.

The first time we reached this milestone was at 5,222MW in 2017. This level of generation has also been maintained for the last seven days and has remained so since February 2019.


For at least seven days in February 2019, the grid has recorded power generation that was over 5,000MW, records from the Independent System Operation (ISO), a section of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) indicated.

The breakdown shows that the grid had 5,033MW on February 2 and 3. It dropped to 5,014MW last Tuesday and rose to 5,147MW Wednesday last week. By Thursday, the 5,375MW highest threshold was reached.

The trend dropped on Friday to 5,003MW and further slid to 5,001MW last Saturday, the documents claimed.

The lowest generation during the review period was greater at over 3,600MW than it was in January 2018.


The latest lowest generation as at Saturday was 3,810MW; this was higher than peak generation of 3,785MW attained on January 26, 2019.

Currently, available power generation capacity stands at 7,652MW which can be deployed to the grid with adequate gas fuel for the 24 gas-fired power plants and enough water level for the three hydropower plants.

TCN said the transmission wheeling capacity stands at 8,100MW, away from the 7,000MW capacity recorded in December 2017.

Credit: Daily Trust NG

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