The purpose of this piece is not to denigrate what has been achieved in terms of political system, arrangement or our democracy but to state the obvious to those who can see and how it is bad for a young Nation and what best we can work things out.

Every human endeavor whether secular or religious or otherwise should have a purpose, a reason of existence and the force driving it. Nobody sets up anything without having a reason for doing so.

Politics alone is a huge enterprise that rules, runs, have spoilt, uplifted and shaped the world we live in. It is one institution that affects the whole world and her systems. It is like the leading leader of all institutions. As a business, family, NGO, company, organization, you subscribe to the leadership of either your President, Head of State, Governor and everyone who plays this game (politics).

Looking at American politics where you have two major political parties; Democrats and Republicans or Liberals and Conservatives. Liberals for those who believe in civil rights, government participation, progressives in nature and the social and economic good, while conservatives for the ones that believe in minimal participation of government, support private enterprise and a conservative governance style. In the context of America, of course there are those who are mixed in their own ideologies.

Coming to my beloved country Nigeria, at present we have two major political parties because they have the number, influence, clout, crème de la crème and the big wigs in the society. I just gave you a reason why they are the two major. This is asides the over 20 more political parties we have all across the country.

Now these parties, two major ones inclusive when they discuss politics, democracy and governance, what we hear are projects, programs and what they will do when in office. Everybody knows that as a government you must work for your people, but does spending money have to be the only reason why a party wants to be in government.

I don’t think so!

We can either stand for something noble or whatever might look like the real deal.
We can either stand for something noble or whatever might look like the real deal.

Ideologies, values, principles are what should guide every party, members and their faithful. Is like having a thought pattern that drives you and principles that guides someone. When a party is based on ideologies and philosophies, they would base their action and inaction on these. Every decision made will only be propelled by the values they have stood for over time. Partisanship shouldn’t be about canvassing for votes based on promises, what you will do and have done because anyone can give directive to spend money on projects.

On the other way round philosophies make you tackle issues that build and make democracy work. You can come out and discuss intelligently on issues that directly affect the economy, lives and the people you are leading. You can build projects yet the people are not any better. Values are there not just to guide but to help one create ideas and execute ideas based on them. A perverted value will create a perverted idea so a noble value will create a noble idea.

Another election year is around the corner in my Nation and it is pertinent for politicians to start discussing the real issues that nations are built on; rule of law, economy, business, welfare, fiscal policy, foreign policy, security, unemployment, job creation, industrialization, empowerment, etc. We should let them debate issues of governance and we don’t want to hear ‘we would pump in more money’, obviously you will need more money to run the country. Tell us strategies, well laid out plans, make us to understand how well you know the challenges we now face and other global challenges facing the world.

We should not be called the giant of Africa for just discussing meager issues that don’t count much. We should be known for intelligent, rational, analytical and constructive reasoning. Nigeria and Africa has advanced well enough for shallow minded issues.

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  1. You give some great arguments within this entry, but aren’t you oversimplifying something fundamental?|

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