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Public Hearing for Nigeria Police Reform Bill (Update)

To tackle the many security challenges in our country, no other issue takes the front burner like the Institutional Reform of the Nigerian Police.

The Reform Bill is still undergoing public hearing as the Nigerian Senate engages the public and Nigerians on the legislative framework of it.

Update from a Twitter user who is present for the hearing on the Police Reform Bill.

All tweets and images are credited to her.


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Since 1983 when the late Sam Mbakwe was herded into abrupt political retirement, no thanks to the inglorious military coup that terminated his administration, Imo State has not been very lucky with democratic governance. The state had, since then, passed through four civilian governments starting with Evans Enwerem whose tenure was short-lived due to yet another military interregnum, to Achike Udenwa who tried to do a bit of infrastructure but without a clear-cut development plan.

Next came Ikedi Ohakim, whose innovative approach to development was promptly terminated by his brash display of youthful exuberance that ended up making him the most misunderstood governor in Imo history. After him came the maverick Rochas, (what’s the meaning of that name by the way?), who seemed to possess plenty of ideas but lacks the tact, finesse, decorum, and depth of character to allow those ideas to flourish and transmute into better lives for the good people of Imo.

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