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Platnum 2019: When Technology Meets Fashion

The fashion industry is growing in leaps and bounds and only a few brands in Nigeria and Africa are shaping the trends. The industry and business of fashion has grown to the point where it has practically fused with the entertainment industry as well. Many designers are changing the African story of innovation, creativity, class and luxury. One of such brand is Platnum apparel which has carved a niche that spans entertainment, casual wears, luxury casual and also venturing into garmenting and the textile business.

Platnum Apparel in collaboration with Global Textile Factory is influencing production in the fashion industry inspite of the challenges of manufacturing and production in the Nigerian business landscape. Beyond the business of production of wonderful designs, Platnum Apparel is unveiling something that is premier in Africa. This new project will focus on the fusion of fashion with technology to create value, shape culture in technology and lifestyle.

In 2019, Platnum Apparel intends to combine their expertise in fashion with Internet of Things (IoTs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the way we live in Africa and Nigeria. This is the idea; imagine if your attire that you use for your weekend or daily workouts can give you detailed and brief analysis of your health. If your blood pressure or the heartbeat is becoming abnormal to the detriment of your health, the garment produced by Platnum Apparel will alert you or your health consultants to act.

The future of technology is rapidly moving towards data, information, numbers, facts and the interconnectivity of all these either with devices or through wireless means. The Internet of Things popularly known as IoTs is the concept whereby devices are connected to each other. So, when you are wearing a Platnum T-shirt or joggers or when a patient in a hospital is wearing a garments and there is an emergency, the T-shirt and the technology we are bringing in 2019 will alert the health professionals and EMTs (Emergency Medical Team) to come to the aid of that patient. That is the future that Platnum Apparel is bringing to the dynamic fashion industry in 2019.


We want to take fashion to the level whereby it won’t just be about looking good but also about adding value like saving lives as well. The security of your children and wards can be achieved using their school uniforms well.

While parents do not want emergencies for their children/wards, the technology idea that Platnum Apparel is ready to unveil will safeguard against such contingencies. You can also monitor the movement of the child using a mapping device that Platnum Apparel will put on their school uniforms. These are the few applications of this idea of technology meets fashion by Platnum Apparel.

The Platnum Apparel brand is shaping the fashion industry in various niches that are not mainstream and we are doing it with excellence, value and integrity. This new vision for 2019 will go further to place us as the pioneers of the fusion of technology in fashion. It will change the world, it will shape Africa and it will make our society to be more secure and connected for good.

For partnership and more information on this call Platnum Apparel on 01-2954235, 08077409755 or email gtfnigeria@gmail.com

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