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Dr. Oludayo: Perspectives of Networking

In this article, I have outlined perspectives of a networking relationship, I hope it adds value to you and provides a guide as to what to look forward to when you find yourself in settings that promise value for your time, energy and resources.

Your strength is a combination of your capacity and those with whom you pursue shared interests and goals together. Knowing the diverse dimensions of networking helps you to maximise these strengths.

  1. Your network is a relationship between people with whom you are interconnected.
  2. Your network is a relationship between people with whom you are interrelated.
  3. Your network is a group of people linked by common and shared interests.
  4. Your network is a relationship between people who provide support for one another.
  5. Your network is a group of people where you can draw strength to make up for your weakness.
  6. Your network is a platform where you share beneficial information amongst people.
  7. Your network is a platform where there is an exchange of meaningful services amongst people within a group.
  8. Your network is a group of people that may be individually unconnected to one another but all contributing to causes that you promote.
  9. Your network represents people that you are in partnership with to deliver on mutual goals and aspirations.
  10. Your network is an alliance of people who pursue common objectives even from diverse perspectives.
  11. Your network is an association of people that offer value to the extent of your inquiries within the network.
  12. Your network is a point of collaboration between people who possess strengths and weakness in different measures.
  13. Your network represents all your affiliations poised to enable you realize your vision through the instrument of contribution.
  14. Your network refers to the links you can progressively match and trace towards a worthy ideal.
  15. Your network is a platform of cooperation where efforts are combined to produce noble things in products and services.
  16. Your network is a relationship with people with whom you share affinity with by virtue of the qualities they possess.
  17. Your network joins people to targets that they desire but are unable to reach because of obvious limitations and constraints.
  18. Your network is a path to conveying and sharing valuable information between individuals who are positioned differently in diverse sectors of the economy and at different layers.
  19. Your network is a place of identification of opportunities.
  20. Your network is the point of recognition of possibilities.
  21. Your network is the point of introduction to collaborators that are passionate about your goals and aspirations.
  22. Your network is the point of creating ventures and frameworks to maximize opportunities within a society.
  23. Your network is a platform that fosters interaction on matters of mutual importance and value to the participants.
  24. Your network is a platform for boosting your prospects to achieving your personal and professional goals.
  25. Your network is a platform for advocacy and giving prominence to issues worthy of affecting the dignity of humanity.
  26. Your network is the platform for the aggregation of support for worthy causes.

These perspectives are by no means an exhaustive list but they provide an insight into what networking is and what can be accomplished if engaged properly.


About Olumuyiwa Oludayo

He serves as the Director of African Leadership Development Centre and the Registrar of Covenant University, Nigeria. He equally is a top leadership expert, consultant and public speaker.

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