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Tambuwal: PDP Will Accept Outcome of Elections #ElectionDay

The governor of Sokoto state Aminu Waziri Tambuwal has said the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was ready to accept whatever would be the outcome of the ongoing elections in the country.

“We believe in God and we believe He gives power. If God gives us the victory we will be happy and thank Him and if it is vice versa, we will still thank Him and take it in good faith,” he said.

Tambuwal who cast his vote at the Kofar Ajiya, Nizamiyya Model Primary School in his hometown, Tambuwal expressed satisfaction with the conduct of the election so far.


For the purpose of this piece, I will say that God in His personality has an unlimited capacity to do good. His greatness, His power and the abundance of infinity personality is largely because He wants the good of man that He created. But rebellion, disobedience and abuse by man has compounded the narration and description of Christianity and God as being evil and bad. When in actual sense man remains the problem while God remains the Almighty Who Is Good and Great.

Every religion is known to have a manual or a Holy book; Christianity has the Holy Bible and Islam has the Holy Quran and many other religions that the 7 billion people of the world practice. Many might be written and documented while some others might still be orally propagated. The Bible like other books of God should be the Treasure Map of the purpose or achieving the full benefits of knowing and following God which can be seen as the Treasure. It is a guide, it is a book of laws, of dos and don’ts, it is a book of principles, of mysteries that God Himself says are past finding out. The truth of God and the depth of His person and what He has empowered us to do are so deep that we need to keep searching and equally doing aggressively.



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