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Orji Kalu: I Can fight Corruption Better Than PMB

A former governor of Abia state, Nigeria Orji Kalu has said that he can fight corruption better than President Muhammadu Buhari. The ex-governor who is undergoing investigations for allegations of corruption while he presided as governor between 1999 and 2007.

Orji Kalu equally decamped from the Peoples Democratic Party to the All Progressives Congress at the early stages of his investigation.

His statement in tackling corruption was made during a lecture at the National Institute for Culture Orientation (NICO) in Abuja.

“My prosecution is political. Our accounts in Abia state were transparent under my watch. The US knows, the UK knows. I have been given a red carpet in these two countries. I have been given a red carpet in China. In fact, I am stronger in fighting corruption than President Buhari because he is not fighting it well.

“I have recovered peoples’ money and given them back. I am a creator of wealth at every level. If any court finds me to be corrupt, it should jail me. Corruption is the bane of this country.”

“A corrupt judge, corrupt politician are worse than an armed robber.”

“Nigerians should start electing presidents that have meaning and gut to take decisions.”

“President Buhari has got some guts but he should arrest Obasanjo for us to know that corruption is working.”

“Without arresting Obasanjo, he has not started fighting corruption because Obasanjo took away our $16 billion electricity money. So, unless he arrests Obasanjo, corruption is not being fought in Nigeria.” Orji Kaku said.

Credit: Sahara Reporters


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