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“You’ve Been Sold a Dummy” Nuhu Ribadu to Sahara Reporters

The first Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Nuhu Ribadu has told anti-corruption media house Sahara Reporters that they have been sold a dummy.

Sahara Reporters known for covert investigations said that the former Presidential candidate of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) was being offered a Ministerial position to support President Buhari’s brother-in-law for Adamawa Governorship elections in 2019.

Mahmood Halilu Ahmed who is known Modi is the brother to the Wife of Nigeria’s President Aisha Buhari and is seeking to get the party’s governorship ticket in Adamawa State.

In the report by Sahara Reporters, “This was confirmed by a source close to Ribadu, who told Sahara Reporters on Friday: “My principal may take up ministerial position or chairmanship of the North-East Development Commission in the concession.”


Sahara Reporters confirmed that Sadiq Mohammed, an elder statesman better known as Kalu, is currently interfacing between the two men. It is widely believed that a consensus is required to beat Governor Jibrilla Bindow to the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship ticket.

Both Ribadu and Modi hail from Yola South Local Government Area in the central senatorial zone that has never produced the state Governor since the creation of the state, while Bindow hails from the northern zone, which has already produced three governors.” (Sahara Reporters)

Mr Ribadu responded to this on his official Twitter handle where he quoted the news by Sahara Reporters.


Lessons from 25 Years of Marriage for Men


As the world celebrated the International Women’s Day 2017 last week, one major issue that continues to be discussed is the barbaric act of domestic violence. Many women are deeply involved in this inhumane act, some have spoken up while some others prefer to stay put for a miracle to happen (where the man can change).

Domestic violence is condemnable on all fronts and by any sane society. It breaks every form of spiritual, natural, emotional and sexual law for one to batter someone he claims to be in love with. There are many reasons why men raise a fist on their woman; some have said that some women can push one to the wall or beyond their limits and more. Whichever the case or extent of provocation by a woman, a decent man who desires not to met out violence on their woman will always take the option of walking away. If you are married and living under the same roof, it will be wise to isolate yourself, leave the house for her, rather than giving into the temptation of hitting her. Some will say that if she holds on to you, still find a way to leave until every provocation subsides.


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