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Nigeria: Time to Contend Has Come

Nigeria is rounding off the elections that are about to change everything for us as a country. This will be the first time Nigeria will be having our democracy run for 20 straight years from 1999 to 2019. Never in history has it happened since we got our independence. The time has been tough, the killings have been enormous and today we are entering a phase of actual nation-building, restructuring for widespread growth for all irrespective of tribe and religion.


The challenge of Nigeria has always been that of leadership that is created equally by a bad citizenry. We have over the years voted for leaders or chosen leaders or cheered those who came with the gun to change things but that can only happen through more killings. The shedding of blood for power can only turn a nation against God and after a dreaded civil war, it took Nigeria over 50 years to get to this threshold of history.

We cannot afford to lose sight of what God has begun in this country with these elections. God has made His history by the outcome of this entire process of electing new leaders both for pre-election, election proper and the post-election and actual governance. The next phase is we taking responsibilities as a country to contend for the country we all love.

Nigeria is our country, fatherland and nation of our inheritance with a strategic position in the dynamics of the world even as the Fourth Industrial revolution has started. It is not a coincidence that Nigeria’s millennials are the fourth generation of leaders who are ready to play a part for their world. God has designed it that Nigeria will be a world power not to oppress or impress but to work for the good of this next generation of inventions, innovations, creativity and massive developments and changes in education, poverty eradication, climate, sustainability and the entire plan and purpose of God for the world.

On the other hand, it will never be a bed of roses. A life without challenges can only be boring; the challenges are the adventure; the tough times are what gives the substance of journey the flair we need to keep going forward. So, we will face fierce opposition, we will face massive attacks in technology and otherwise. If we hope to build a nation on technology and Artificial Intelligence or IoT infrastructure then we must be ready to face those will attack in the same manner. We need to be ready; we must build the infrastructure to achieve the good we desire and the infrastructure we need to defend ourselves from the enemies at the gates. If the gates must be protected, then their defence infrastructure must be full-scale as well.

Time for Nigeria to start possessing is now, time to contend is now and even if the Nigerian Dream is here; there is a need for a fight through to see it materialize.

Deut. 2:24; Rise ye, journey and pass over the brook Arnon; see, I have given into thy hand Sihon king of Heshbon, the Amorite, and his land; begin to possess, and stir up thyself against him in battle.

If we hope to build a nation on technology and Artificial Intelligence or IoT infrastructure then we must be ready to face those will attack in the same manner.

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