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GitHub: Nigeria Ranks 4th Highest Contributor in Developers’ Community

GitHub is an open source platform where millions of people log in to build software, share ideas, learn to code and work on over 85 million projects worldwide.

At this year’s GitHub Universe which happens to be their 10th year anniversary, Nigeria was ranked among the highest contributors at 4th place after Hong Kong, Singapore and Egypt.

Other countries following Nigeria as major contributors on Github are; Bangladesh, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia and Portugal.

The fastest growing software developing languages are; Kotlin, HCL, TypeScript, PowerShell, Rust, CMake, Go, Python, Groovy, SQLPL being the 10th fastest growing.

Other important from the Github Universe anniversary can be found below;




With suggested changes, authors don’t need to copy and paste the code suggestions from reviewers anymore. You can add the suggested change and the author can accept it. This removes a lot of the back and forth during the PR review.







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