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Supporters of All Progressives Congress (APC) celebrate on March 31, 2015 the victory of main opposition APC presidential candidate Mohammadu Buhari at Obalende district in Lagos. AFP PHOTO/PIUS UTOMI EKPEI (Photo credit should read PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP/Getty Images)

Nigeria 2019: Buhari 2015 Template Can Work Against Him

President Muhammadu Buhari and the ‘change’ song that he brought to us have clearly defied with ignominy, what it means to offer progressive change in government. The media campaign, the integrity mantra or hate for money and prosperity, anti-corruption were all distractions to lose focus of whether there was substance in them or not. We got carried away without digging deeper into history, into the journey of the man that inspired a generation of woke millennials in politics and governance.

He won whether by rigging or child voting but the issue is that there was a strategy and template that made a rejected stone of 2003, 2007, 2011 to become a chief cornerstone in 2015.

If President Buhari can be made (emphasis) to be a President in 2015, then he can be chased back to his normal life in 2019. If the Buhari 2015 template could work, then we can use it against him, not because of anything (meagre) but because he is not what he was actually promoted to be. This generation of millennials can be forgiven but those who knew him from the older generation but still vouched for him need a different treatment for lying about history. He came to power by propaganda and the distortion of history by opinion analysts who detest facts and numbers. The tales of 1983 to 1985 are beginning to sound louder. We need to start republishing the NewsWatch and Tell Magazine of those days.

But what is the Buhari 2015 template? How was it executed? What was the driving factors, who pushed for it, how was it presented and what did the Nigerian people see and what options were available? In no particular order, I will be sharing some of them in this piece. How do we use the Buhari 2015 template to make #BacktoDaura2019 a reality that cannot be contested in any election tribunal, the Queen’s court, the Hague or one that will cost Nigerian lives?

  1. It is a lie to say that no Nigerian can be able to replace or defeat President Buhari whether in a free or fraudulent election. That is a projection of fear, that is a propaganda that is being fueled by the massive population of the North that is being oppressed by bad leaders. It is a fallacy that is being propagated by perceptions of integrity and anti-corruption when the lootery is already causing Earth tremors for in the nation’s capital. It has taken place twice in two days. What use to be common in Abuja in my time as Feddy Boys was whirlwinds but today this government has added earth tremors.
  2. The Opposition; every person that is running against President Buhari needs to understand that this is not about them alone. It is not about one single leader who can solve all our challenges. Your ambition and skill can be useful somewhere else that is not in the Presidency. As the primaries draw near, political parties must decide on who to choose, and truthful about the person’s competence and character. We have people that can understand Nigeria’s challenges beyond the reading of speeches prepared by confused and disconcerted aides. Speeches that the President reads verbatim but when he faces Donald Trump he proves to him that there is no life in the understanding of Nigerian, African and Global politics.
  3. After the primaries then there must be a deliberate consensus, working together and an alignment that is pitched only against the APC and President Muhammadu Buhari who will be the candidate. The 45 Million naira form has proved that. Every Presidential candidate in every opposition political party has some form of votes they can bring to the table. And this includes the newbies and old bites, there are people you give orgasm either by speech, pictures, demeanor or the way you smile. We need to tap it everyone’s strength.
  4. The Buhari 2015 Strategy was made very possible because Obasanjo, IBB, Kwakwanso, Atiku and the many bigwigs pulled some form of vote to the table. Even in the former ruling party PDP, there were moles who contributed to his emergence. And in the APC of today, there are many people who are aggrieved and for a Tinubu to admit that President Buhari has failed or can be sustained on a hospital bed to fulfil his ambition, some of his (Asiwaju) followers should be disappointed with him (but they are still working for him). We need the skills of Sahara Reporters here.


  1. In a former piece I wrote on the Architecture of Changing Nigeria, I realized that we all have a role to play. We need to form a structure that is built and will be run and maintained by our individual and collective skills. From the writer to the media influencer to the skit masters, assurance givers, celebrities and comedians to the foot soldiers and mobilizers; we all have a role to play. Every approach must be strategic. If there is one failing of the APC in government today, it is a lack of cohesive strategy that is reflected in the kind of communication that proceeds from Aso Rock. Femi, Tolu, Garba, Lauretta, Bashir, Ismael are like people on the various lanes leading up to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. At some point, they will diverge at Pyakasa, FHA, Kuje, Gwagwalada, Abaji and the confusion continues. Their system is broken, the house is divided so aggression is their default mode. We know the trolls on Twitter, whose anger exhumes no substance but… nothing.
  2. For the sake of Nigeria, this template is not to make the mistake of 2015 but to make the right decision for the good of all Nigerians. The mistake of 2015 was to say that just anyone must succeed President Goodluck Jonathan’s government (emphasis). That landed us with a man that left power for 30 years. It is like a reincarnation with the bodies of the ancestors not that of a baby.
  3. We need a leader that can unite Nigeria by ensuring that every disenfranchised and marginalized is made to believe in a truly federated Nigeria. A leader that is in tune with the expectations of global leadership, real issues of climate change, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Smart cars, Clean energy, Poverty Alleviation and urgently so. Poverty must be alleviated in a sustainable and progressive manner, not 10,000 trade votes. We don’t need someone that will be a choice of two evils. Nigeria has people that can deliver the Nigeria we all will be proud. Nigeria belongs to all of us.

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