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Nigeria 2019: VP Atiku Abubakar Needs To Do More

It is on this note that H.E Atiku Abubakar needs to tell us in concrete terms (should he get the PDP ticket or any other party’s flagbearer) what he will do for us.

Waziri Atiku Abubakar

There is no doubt that the race for the occupancy of Aso Rock (Nigeria’s Seat of Government) has started in earnest. The wind of the harmattan seems to have brought it quickly and politicians and the power brokers are doing they do best beyond offering good governance. Educated and enlightened Nigerians are equally very sensitive but unfortunately, the ones that fall for the evils of stomach infrastructure are simply living by waiting for someone to come hand them the bills for that election weekend.

The People’s Democratic Party has set the ground running by conducting a convention that has received different reactions and interpretations from party faithful’s and other political parties. The All Progressives Congress seemed to have left the business of governance to focus on territorial visits to election strongholds. While the Special Anti-Robbery Squad unleashes terror on young Nigerians, the fuel scarcity seems to be of no consequence to the government that should be driving this ship. ASUU just went on strike and that is not enough reason to leave the politics and focus on our education.

However, today, history has proved that our politics have cleared overshadowed governance and Nigerian leaders are good at the former. It is like they spend 2 years working to get power and the remaining two years for governance that impacts little on the citizens. How worthy is this for a nation that is in urgent need for rebirth and discovery of ourselves as a nation under God. Former Vice-President Atiku seems to be the person that will challenge the Buhari-led government if President Buhari decides to run.

Just like 2015 when President Goodluck Jonathan was presiding over the Nigerians state; his tenure presented an opportunity for a President Buhari to emerge. 2019 and the activities of President Buhari prior to this time might offer an opportunity to the Waziri Adamawa, H.E  Atiku Abubakar who clearly has been prepared for office more than all the Presidents we have had since democratic rule. He has proved that he understands the young people, his businesses have employed many and he is clearly making a difference as a wealthy who is investing in Nigeria and Nigerians.

Believe me, if there is any credit to give any Nigerian politician or elites who are known to be wealthy VP Atiku Abubakar deserves to be applauded for that. More so, Nigerians will not want history to be repeated again, not in 2019 and not after it.

It is on this note that H.E Atiku Abubakar needs to tell us in concrete terms (should he get the PDP ticket or any other party’s flagbearer) what he will do for us. These will need to have timelines to it, first 100 days, first one year and more. There is an understandable urgency of ‘now’, so we believe that he should have a ‘how’ already because 1992 is a long time coming.

Sir, you have been outspoken about restructuring and renegotiating our unity as Nigerians and just like the APC believed in true federalism before the elections and later changed to Nigeria’s unity being non-negotiable and the emergence of Nnamdi Kanu and the story continues. What will be your program for this renegotiation, what will be your timeline for this? What will happen to the exclusive legislative list that is anti-economic growth particularly for the states? Will you send a bill for the amendment of that section of the constitution to the National Assembly? Over 62 items are too much for the Federal Government to have a hold on if not for the exercise of power on the federation. The system needs some opening, sir.

You understand economics, business, you understand what it means to create jobs and rally people to run an entity for value and wealth creation and your businesses have proved that. I really do not care about the details or allegations of corruption, what matters is what we see on the ground that you have done with your political, social and financial capital.

Winning the election might not be so difficult for the PDP especially when it comes to money to do so; the only advantage the APC has is the incumbency power as the two parties have the resources to deploy stomach infrastructure equally. What matters is what will happen to educate those ones that sell their votes, create jobs, open up the system for creative minds (like myself) to thrive and achieve greatness without compromise. My belief in God keeps me in check to work hard and not compromise that integrity to make wealth but not every young person out there has that moral will to hold the fort.

Excellency sir, I have heard you speak, I have seen your demeanor in pictures around young people and my final question is this sir; Will you, Waziri Atiku Abubakar agree to sign a social contract with the Nigerian people to carry out your campaign promises and particularly give us an market economy that can thrive without a stronghold of power or the command and control system?


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