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Nigeria’s Leadership: The Next Frontier

The nation, Nigeria has a description too many. It is possible to get a description that is distinct from anyone that has come out across anything Nigeria and Nigerian whether visiting the country or coming across the citizens. What is common or will be common among these descriptions will be that Nigeria has lived or achieved below her true potentials to be truly great and prosperous.

It was Chinua Achebe who established many years ago the challenge of Nigeria is squarely that of poor leadership and no event, no election, or otherwise has been able to dissuade that book/paper. However, every day, every month and every four years, we pontificate about the systems and the underlying challenge while the root causes thrive and blossom. I like to believe that Nigeria has moved into the fourth generation of her leadership and this next frontier will be occupied by those termed as millennials. A younger generation is rising, millennials are angry to the teeth, they want to express themselves and prove that they can do better than what the past leaders have done.

Nigerians have at the turn of every election forgotten what an election really means. We have continued to see it as an avenue to vote and hope that the campaigns are enough to give us victory at the polls. And in this age of social media, the embarrassment is that some think that they can become President on social media and that the combination of colours on their posters and billboards is enough for victory. We have failed to deploy a strategy as citizens of this country. We have failed to deploy a strategy as people who are truly angry at the turn of every election, we repeat a cycle of rituals of killings, news, same events, more poverty, ineptitude among the leaders and embarrassments that only brings more shame to us.

The shame and anger now drive people out of the country. They cannot fight or hold on any longer. People are selling off everything and seeking for another country that can give them sanity that their home country could not give them. Someone told me that the attitude of Nigerians being safe and in their comfort zone negates our nature/culture as citizens to be communal. Nigerians love the idea of community; we want to come together but unfortunately not for a fight.

The Next Frontier for Nigeria is no longer about how we can discuss and analyze the challenges we face. We have had enough. Let us avoid complete paralysis by this continuous analysis of the same issues that already have solutions. We have been running from the real fight and that is the bane of our defective leadership. If we are angry, let us be angry in the right direction. Foreign nations cannot take 200 million of us in their countries and the fight about taking back this country is one that must be undertaken. One election just ended and the time for the millennial generation to unite based on this next frontier of defining this challenge and facing it head-on is now. Let us leave the roads, let us leave the hunger, let us leave the hospitals that are not working, let us reduce the complains and come to this realization that Nigeria Needs a New Leadership. We need to get to the point where we know the bad ones by name and render them inconsequential in our country.


The Next Frontier is about building a robust strategy to win elections from the hands of the enemies at the gate. We have enemies who will never feel like going despite their age or the knock of sickness on their backs. They are prepared to bankrupt this country to remain in office and they equally have those who pretend to love us that actually work for them. The time to call our enemies by their names is now. We need to know them, their records, history and tag them as enemies of Nigeria.

The Next Frontier must know no fear. We must realize that in this age of social media we are actually more battle-ready than they are. We have the tools and they don’t. We know how to use the tools for good and evil. We know how to wield them in a manner that has never been seen before. We can hack our way to bring down the enemies that have decided to hold us captive as Nigerians. What strategies are millennials deploying to win, take power or get into leadership positions in our country. We need to learn their ways, perfect it while adding ours to unseat those who make it a right to keep Nigeria undeveloped while the rest of the world progresses.

This is the Next Frontier.

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