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#MondayMotivation as Tiger Woods Wins 80th PGA Tour

It is another Monday and we need all the motivation to keep the momentum going and above all to be positive about it. Check out the #MondayMotivation and for Tiger Woods, he set a new record over the weekend.

Brace up and keep pushing.




What you can do while waiting to land that big job: Volunteer Attend personal development events Start a small business. That way, you won’t have a gap on your CV.  -Dr Dipo Awojide


Your 1st 6months on a new job are for impression building: establish indisputable&impeccable competence,then study the org. They are not for making friends. Not for chit chats abt promotional policy or bad managers That 6months may make or mar you in the org.

-Ayo Bankole

Even if a Rose flower smells better than Efo shoko (Spinach) or Ewedu (Draw soup), it doesn’t mean the Rose can make a better Soup…

-The Vic Moss

He is Elite. He is a Sweetheart. He is a Heavyweight champion, and ultimately, he is Nigerian Our Anthony Joshua , who knocked out Alexander Povetkin to retain his three world heavyweight titles.👏 🙌🏽


-The Social Liga


Tomorrow came and died Starving from eating empty promises And drinking too much hope Imagination played cruel tricks Fantasy lived among men Thinking if it copied us long enough It too could become real Little did it know We were never real. – L. E. Oesemuyi  -L.E Oesemuyi

Say positive things into your life, think positively, Act positively and never let bad energy & thoughts come close to you. Stay winning Kings & Queens.

-Favour Onyeoziri



. Give Yourself permission to live an awesome life. Step into who you are meant to be. Stop playing small, you are meant for GREATNESS! . Do have a productive week TOSers! .  -TOS TV Network


REMEMBER: • Look for the good side of things • Live in the present moment • Nurture your relationships • Ignore all the naysayers • Be kind and respectful • Count your blessings • Commit to your goals • Always try your best

-Vex King


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