THINGS I WILL TELL BRYAN (A Guide for the Alpha Male)


Paul Ryan’s expression perfectly captures my feeling when I meet a lady of interest and she reveals she’s a feminist. I hear this ‘Eeeyaaa!’ voice in my head, it almost makes me react like feminism is dementia or schizophrenia or some other psychological condition requiring attention when in essence its an ideology for which I do not judge the bearers.
Even though the revelation deflates every vibe below ground zero, it atleast sets the foundation and defines the limits of mutual propinquity from the onset. I am not implying feminists do not deserve to be loved but a person must be willing to receive love. I’ve always encouraged guys to shun movie dates and rather grab a coffee, to spend time to ask their potential partners key questions and get to know the other person rather than spending 2 hours in a dark room when one is not a photo negative.
When on a date, it is important not to ignore warning signs and gut feelings and pay close attention to details such as body language and verbal slips; in both are genuine information from the subconscious which reveals the true nature of a person. Research reveals that impression is made within the first 7 seconds, this means that if you pay rapt attention, you can tell if you would continue with your date in a space of 7 seconds.
While many feminists are indeed feminists in the real sense of it, there are still some others who are feminists only in words but not in action, that is why men must pay proper attention to body language and verbal cues. Do not be over-excited, be cool, focus on her because women generally are complex beings and thus a man can get easily confused in the process of understanding the opposite sex. If you successfully identify a hardcore feminist, it is best to avoid her by all means because your happiness will be heavily negotiated if in a relationship and your sanity compromised if in a friendship. It is however safe to keep her around for strictly business purposes or to achieve a temporary political aim but try never to let things go beyond that.

Horoscopes are self-fulfilling prophecies and cannot be digested hook, line and sinker. This means that what is being predicted in the real sense applies to all humans irrespective of zodiac sign but your belief in them becomes your reality. For instance, a person believes he would lose an election, so he stops campaigning and loses, thus making the belief come true. So men, take horoscopes with a pinch of salt, don’t bank on them as a torch that defines your future relationship with a woman.

I have discovered that it may take between 3-6 months before the honeymoon phase fades between couples, that’s when feelings begin to get tested. I often recommend at least 2 years relationship before marriage this is because a person who can……
To be continued……..
Written by Bolu’ Haile Michael-Biyi (BMB)
(Author of the book ‘Life Factors’)

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