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Malaysia Proposes Anti-Fake News Bill

  • The bill proposes 10-year jail term for Fake News offenders.
  • Offenders against the fake news bill equally can be charged $128,000 fine.

Th country is preparing for their elections in August 2018.


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The call for Nigerian millennials in politics has never been stronger like it is today as the frustration with the old guard of leaders gets stronger and stronger. With numerous campaigns and movements going on in this regard, the Not Too Young to Run bill to push for constitutional reform, the Our Mumu Don Do by the courageous Charley Boy, influential voices, civil societies, foreign organizations etc., this is a window of opportunity that we don’t know when next it might come in this decade or the next. More young people are beginning to understand that politics can cost them the fun of their youth if not checked and the anger is building up daily.

To take up leadership in Nigeria from the old guard there must be some level of expectations from the millennials in politics and those who have such plans in the years to come. We must raise the bar far above the outgoing leaders kept it, we cannot afford to go back to the doldrums of failed leadership that defies universal and global expectation from leaders. Above all, millennials in politics must build capacity, we must be ready to answer questions about the future today and address them so we can get ready when challenges come. The battle will be even tougher but with capacity and self-development and strong institutions, we can/ will overcome.

Nigeria 2019: One More Push for Millennials in Politics


As Nigeria draws closer and closer to another election year in 2019, it is important for all Nigerians to understand out history, trends and events particularly in our politics. Nigeria’s Presidency seems to be the platinum office that everyone desires to get to because it holds so much influence to cause changes but unfortunately it has achieved little due to the structure of governance.

However, this piece is timely because in 2019 (race to Nigeria’s Presidency) many new entrants particularly young people are making their way into politics and some wrongfully think that their first shot should be Nigeria’s Presidency. They are going under the umbrella and name of the third force which should challenge the two major political parties of the All Progressives Congress and the People’s Democratic Party. The purpose of this piece is to try to run a brief history of Nigeria’s leaders from 1960 while trying to show a trend that landed them as the most powerful men in Africa starting from Sir Tafawa Balewa.

A Mystery about Nigeria’s Presidency

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