You might be the only hope of Nigerians right now especially the young people who more or less are incapacitated to do much and their dreams of having a great life seems far from being achieved. The nation is in dire straits  and the government of the day is looking overwhelmed or not thinking enough or have decided to remain in their comfort zone simply because revenue is dwindling for the government.

Everyone seems to be complaining about the economic situation and in fact it affects those whom you least expected but the major concern is here is for the young people who will be taking responsibilities for the nation soon enough.

The recession might also be affecting you but definitely not the same way it affects those experiencing salary and wage cuts or those who are losing jobs or those that are badly hit by the inflation of goods without a corresponding increase in income. I won’t ask you to start donating money to anyone but will be pointing out how you can help save our nation and also help the government as well.

Now there is a need for diversification of the economy away from oil; I heard someone say that we have not moved away from oil rather oil has moved away from us and that is the bitter truth. We need other revenue options (not just collecting tax) that will benefit the citizens directly, create real jobs that can help lift people out of poverty.

You are doing well in business and some of you have a huge capacity to undertake massive projects that run into millions or even billions. This is a great time to reach out to our government and extend a hand of partnership, joint venture in driving this needed industrialisation and diversification. It won’t be in form of charity but an investment on your nation which will also yield you profit in the long run but right now many Nigerians need you to take certain steps.

There is nothing stopping you from starting a venture that will be managed by others; a venture that will focus on production, manufacturing or even a business in the area of technology which will avail many teeming and savvy tech youths to start off something for themselves. The reason why many young people seem to be laid back and not pushing harder is because the business environment doesn’t favour new entrants except for rare occasions. So you see them complain about funds to start that business and even when they start they still need to work hard to convince people to buy in and pay for their products.

But when you come with your brand and personality that is well-known and endorse a venture which you sponsor for the creative entrepreneurs to run, people will have confidence in them because you are involved, they know you and know what you are worth. We the young ones will leverage on your past achievement and credibility to launch ourselves while still knowing that you are the boss who is paying the fees and bankrolling such ventures. This goes beyond the popular public private partnership (PPP) we use to know that involves so many levels of bureaucracies and legislation but will involve immediate actions with a goal in mind. The goal here will be to partner with individuals, entrepreneurs, young people and government to revive our economy, create jobs and increase revenue.

The solid minerals sector needs to be explored and am sure one of the things delaying the actions needed is a lack of fund and resources and the government will need to partner with people like you that can support in making that happen. Everyone understands that there is an urgency of now but what don’t talk about is the urgency of how.

The how I am prescribing is for you (the rich) to reach to government (if they won’t) and help take us out this thing call a recession. Nigeria needs more people like Tony Elumelu who have taking a major step to contribute his quote in building the business environment and help young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams of building great empires like you have done for yourselves.

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