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Kwara State Governor Joins Senate Race

Kwara State Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed has declared his interest to run for Kwara South Senatorial election.

According to him, this is based on the call by his people and to upscale the work done in the State. He has also obtained the Nomination for Senate.



Abdufatah Ahmed will be leaving the Kwara State government House after completing his tenure on 29th May 2019.

Governor Ahmed recently joined the PDP after Senate President Bukola Saraki left to pursue his Presidential ambitions in 2019.


Nigeria, no doubt is one hell of a dramatic country; we have all shades of it, we have the good, the bad and the ugly and it has been the case since our existence and creation of an Independent Nigeria. The drama called Nigeria interestingly has a way of alleviating the many frustrations that citizens have about the country; the sufferings, the corruption, epileptic power, low-ebb of leadership, tribal jingoism, violence, electoral fraud and much more. There is nothing new about our history as Nigerians, simply a difference in facts, figures and peculiar happenings in time. The many things that we have seen in Nigeria and things that can happen within a year but, however in a different dimension.

The many things that have been wrong with Nigeria have all been with us since we became a sovereign nation. The bad leadership that people like Chinua Achebe told us about, the corruption, the militarism that is very much part of our national and democratic dispensation, the corruption, ethnic hatred, electoral violence, power issues and whatever present day challenge you can think of. The nature of our leaders not addressing us in moments when lives are threatened is not new with us. The advent of social media has even worsened the situation rather than help matters; with applications like Periscope that can be used to stream live broadcasts; we still have leaders addressing us through aides that hardly know their bearing or what their masters are thinking.



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