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Prof. Kingsley Moghalu Makes His Book Free for Download

The Presidential candidate of the Young Progressives Party (YPP), Professor Kingsley Moghalu has made his book free. BIG (Build, Innovate, Grow) is written as his Vision for Nigeria.

The book focuses on his detailed vision for growing and developing Nigeria. Professor Kingsley Moghalu is running for the 2019 Presidential candidate next year.

He revealed this during an event in Lagos, Nigeria. He also shared the same on his social media accounts.

Kingsley Moghalu on Twitter

We need a mind that can unlock the productive potential of the economy. As president, I will get rid of the laziness that this present rentier oil economy has bestowed upon everybody. #ITISTIME #Moghaluforpresident #moghalugetso2019 #tobuildanation #voteypp2019

The book, Big, Innovate, Grow (BIG) can be downloaded below. As you download, also share with other well-meaning Nigerians and citizens of Africa and the world.



For a democracy that is still nascent, still evolving, still testing, still pondering on the structure to adopt for this particular time in our history and perfect our institutional frameworks, Nigeria is known to be characterized by the formation of new political parties any time an election year draws near. This trend is necessitated and facilitate particularly if the ruling political party fails to deliver a perfect governance year and tenure or made so many errors that voting them out looks like the only way out.

This isn’t bad, it is democratic and it is inevitable for a country that is still evolving towards something perfect and that can work for all. However, I will like to ask this question; should voting the present government in power be the only option (which involves forming new political parties) and what are the new political parties bringing in differently beyond vague manifestos that cannot be measured and timelines placed on those promises? I hope we can ponder on that carefully.

How A New Political Party Intends to Sponsor Youths

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