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Kenneth Okonkwo: Igbos Will Wander in the Wilderness for 8 years

Nigerian Actor and a gubernatorial candidate in Enugu State, Kenneth Okonkwo has said that the Igbos will wander in the wilderness if they do not support President Buhari in 2019.

Mr. Okonkwo is running for governor under the All Progressives Congress (APC).

According to Kenneth Okonkwo; “If Igbo People Do Not Support Buhari for 2019 Presidency, They Will Wonder In Wilderness For 8 years.”

“Igbos should stop playing emotional politics. PDP is not their heritage”.

Mr. Kenneth Okonkwo some weeks back unleashed abuses on people who were against his praise for President Buhari as a man of integrity during an event.

He took to his Instagram Page to abuse people while referring to the Bible.

Mr. Kenneth Okonkwo is leading actor in Nollywood and a trained lawman. His campaign slogan is “If God Says Yes, No Man can say No”.




Nolly Actor and a Gubernatorial candidate in Enugu State Kenneth Okonkwo has replied those who have been criticizing him for his support for President Muhammadu Buhari.

Mr. Kenneth Okonkwo who is popularly known for his role in the classic Nollywood movie Living in Bondage in a televised speech described President Buhari as the most qualified candidate for the 2019 Presidential elections.

He further when to say that he is the only hope for the Igbo race to produce a President in 2023 while adding that President loves in Ndigbo and has shown that through the various infrastructural development in the South-East region.

Satanically Motivated Persons: Kenneth Okonkwo Replies Critics

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