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Kate Henshaw Shares Experience in Politics

Nollywood star actress Kate Henshaw has shared her disappointment with Nigerian politics after a first-hand experience in her home state of Cross River state. She ran to be the flag bearer for the People’s Democratic Party for the State House of Assembly.

She lost the ticket to another candidate.

Kate Henshaw in an interview with Pulse shared her experience. She equally said she is not sure she will be going back to the field of politics.

‘I don’t have money to give anybody. Politics is a money thing and I am saying this from experience. Anyone that tells you it isn’t about money is telling you a lie. It’s either money or you have somebody who will say this is the person you’ll vote for because that’s how it works!’

‘They buy PVC, they get underage children to vote. We are just here in Lagos, Calabar, Port Harcourt. Okay!’

‘I don’t have money to give anybody. The money I used was mine! A few friends came together, supported me, put some money, but the majority of the money I used without any bargain was mine and I work hard. I am not a contractor. I don’t have money to throw away. Yeah!’

Kate Henshaw equally added her voice on why more women need to join politics in Nigeria while making reference to Rwanda.

‘One money, two we need to be able to support women. Women are over 50 percent of the Nigerian population and we have 200 million, so let’s just say we have 100 million women.’

‘You heard what that House of Reps guy was saying? He said don’t give women too much power. He has already told you. Look at Rwanda. Over 60 percent in the House are women. Cleanest country. Cleanest. Safest. Because women are there.’

“We are women. We care. Nurture. I am not talking about the ones that go there and they go and chop money. Change their colour. Change their weave-on. Buy jewellery.

“Look after people. Women care. Women are hardworking. Women multi-task. Women have the power. If we support a fellow woman, a good woman, there will be a difference.

Right now, there’s no women representation in our politics. We have maybe only four percent. Four! So if ninety-six percent are talking, what will your four percent do? It can’t make any difference at all.”

Kate Henshaw continued,’ It was quite an experience. I must enjoin everyone. Every Nigerian must be actively involved in politics. You must go and register in one party or the other. You need to. Because if you are not inside, you will never, never be able to effect any change. And this is a fact.’

‘We are just sitting on social media, twitter, yap yap…haan..haan.haan…but when it comes down to brass tacks when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, you don’t have your voters card, you can’t vote, you are just sitting, talking. Things will move on without you because those that make the decisions are the ones that people vote for.’

‘So, you have to go and make your presence felt. Literally. A lot of young people are saying ‘Oh, they should give us a chance. You think they’ll come to your house and say Oya come O! No!’

Credit: Today NG

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