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Jubril Buhari: Nigerians Believe the Person In Aso Rock Is Not PMB

The road to 2019 seems to be getting more interesting and equally scary with many revelations emanating from various quarters about the government of President Muhammadu Buhari (or Jubril Buhari)

With Rochas Okorocha losing his mind and Adams Oshiomhole pouring his fuel on a burning house and many aggrieved members of the APC, many Nigerians believe that a premature end is near for the party.

In a repetitive revelation, President Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Rock today is believed to be an impostor known as Jubril Buhari from Sudan. This allegation was first made by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu.

With the elections underway, the allegation has gotten stronger with pictures to show as well. From the recent Paris Peace conference, there are even more damning and scary revelations that 2015 elected Nigerian President might not be the one occupying that seat.

The question is; is it possible that Nigerians Presidency and every person connected by way of access and information knows about this Jubril Buhari?

Why has no one resigned despite the embarrassment coming from the government in so many ways? Even clergymen and formerly professionals have sworn to keep producing junk from the hallowed house of Nigeria’s Seat of government.

Take a look at the trend;

Amaka Ekwo on Twitter

JubrilBuhari #Nigeria Could someone please explain the list below👇


IgboHistory on Twitter

Have any of you not wondered why Aisha Buhari has consistently been away from the one claiming to be Muhammadu Buhari? Because he isn’t. #JubrilBuhari is a Buhari’s replacement. #IPOB #Biafra #FreeBiafra #BiafraReferendum @Amaka_Ekwo

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on Twitter

Every lie needs a thousand lies to cover it up. Jubril-Buhari entered the building in black clothing according to photos published in newspapers. How come his clothes miraculously turned to blue as soon as saw white people inside the hall? #UnmaskJubril #JubrilBuhari


IgboHistory on Twitter

It doesn’t matter how much muscles the government flexes on this issue, #JubrilBuhari the Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Rock is a fake and they know it. #IPOB #FreeBiafra #BiafraReferendum @Amaka_Ekwo


IgboHistory on Twitter

Good luck denying these… #IPOB #Biafra #FreeBiafra #JubrilBuhari #BIAFRAREFERENDUM @Amaka_Ekwo


Moses Agbo on Twitter

The attendance of #Paris economic summit is out,where is #JubrilBuhari in the list? #Shame on #FemiAdesina for dishing out lies and deceit for public consumption. @MaziNnamdiKanu @Amaka_Ekwo @EmekaGift @mandas40 @NkirukaNistoran @NkemdiMary @uche_ezeonye @Umuchiukwu_writ


Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on Twitter

BUHARI IMPERSONATOR JUBRIL MISSING IN PARIS No country can run on lies, no matter how foolish the populace might be. Dress code is a suit and no hat that’s why Jubril-Buhari avoided the ceremony. Surgeons working on his ear perhaps. #JubrilBuhari


Amaka Ekwo on Twitter

The Fraud Nigerian #JubrilBuhari is missing 👇 https://t.co/XVApZD8mPb


Mary Mkemdi on Twitter

The governor of Kano using a look-alike Buhari to represent Buhari at a public event. Is he trying to pass a message? Is that his own way of saying that “Jubril from Sudan” is real? #JubrilBuhari


Mary Mkemdi on Twitter

JubrilBuhari you mean, I guess https://t.co/8hHqtIYsdu


Cirith7 /ii .✴° on Twitter

@MaziNnamdiKanu @radiobiafralive @PunchlineAfric @TimesofIsrael @AP @FoxNews @BBCWorld @Amaka_Ekwo @NGRSenate @EU_Commission @JewishAgency #JubrilBuhari went to dinner with friends. Buhari , attends Dinner For Visiting Heads Of State In Paris * Channels Television https://t.co/dnDZzGwzM0


IPOB Lewisham on Twitter

I bet you that Jubril goes to bed with his hat on #jubrilBuhari #Operation_Remove_Your_Hat #UnmaskingJubril

Biafra_Ga_Adi on Twitter

UnmaskJubril #JubrilBuhari, Remove ur Cap,Show ur head @MBuhari https://t.co/RFjnOE0IcJ


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