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Jos Violence: Atiku Abubakar Issues Statement

Former Vice-President of Nigeria and Presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar has issued a statement from his office condemning the violence and killings in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.


His statements refer to the perpetrators as enemies of Nigeria who scare away foreign investors thereby compounded the issues of unemployment and lack of jobs.

Full Statement below;


Jos: Atiku decries the desecration of human life

Former Vice President of Nigeria Atiku Abubakar expresses outrage at the latest violence in Jos that led to another needless waste of precious human lives.

Expressing his sadness over the incident in a statement Abuja on Tuesday, the former Vice President says he feels greatly embarrassed by this mindless violence which continues to claim innocent lives.

According to Atiku, the people behind this savagery are the enemies of Nigeria because they are creating conditions that drive away investors, thereby compounding the problems of poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment.

He appeals for urgent action by the government to address this embarrassing situation and uncontrolled lawlessness by murderous thugs.

Atiku also calls for improved security and intelligence to help in nipping the evil plans in the bud.


58th Independence Anniversary: Our Youth Gives Us Hope of a Better Tomorrow

My dear fellow citizens of our great nation Nigeria,

On this occasion of our 58th Independence Anniversary, I bring you glad tidings. Although I am not glad about the state of our nation today, I am hopeful of a better tomorrow.

You may ask why I am not glad. It should be obvious. A mere three years ago, we were the third fastest growing economy in the world. As I write this to you today, our fortunes have reversed to the point where we are now the world headquarters for extreme poverty, according to the World Poverty Clock and the World Economic Forum.


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